Which Hawaiian island is best for helicopter tour?

Which Hawaiian island is best for helicopter tour?

The best Hawaiian island for a helicopter tour is Kauai for me, as the landmarks to see in the air are unmatched. The sun-kissed Na Pali coast has to be seen in the air, but so too does a low level flight in canyons and valleys.

How much does a helicopter tour of Hawaii cost?

Current pricing: starts at $259 for a 50-minute tour. Notables: Tours depart from either Hilo Airport or Waikoloa Helipad on the Kona side of the Big Island. Current pricing: starts at $310 for a 75-minute tour. Notables: Mauna Loa tours are private tours for up to three or four persons.

Are helicopter tours in Hawaii safe?

By and large, helicopter tours are safe. But recently, the number of Hawaii’s fatal helicopter crashes has gone up. From 1995 to 2001, there were three fatal accidents, killing nine. But from 2002 to 2007, that number jumped to six fatal accidents, and 17 people killed, about double the previous six years.

Are helicopter tours worth it?

If so, a helicopter tour is absolutely well worth the money. With a helicopter tour, especially those we provide here at Heliventures, you’re going to experience something you’ve probably never experienced in the past before. This is a unique activity, and something most people never get to accomplish on their own.

Can you take a helicopter from island to island in Hawaii?

With just eight miles separating some of the closest major Hawaiian Islands (such as Lanai and Maui), this Pacific archipelago is a tempting destination for island hopping. To get around the islands of Hawaii, you can fly by helicopter, travel by ferry or hop on a boat.

How long are helicopter rides in Hawaii?

THE ISLAND OF HAWAII The two hour Big Island Spectacular helicopter tours is one of our most popular flights from Waikola. In this helicopter tour you will experience all of the Big Islands most scenic and remote areas from air.

Where can I take a helicopter tour of Hawaii?

We fly to all the islands of Hawaii and have bases of operation in Kona, Hilo and Waimea on the Big Island as well as along Oahu’s North Shore at Turtle Bay and Kapolei in West Oahu. Get in touch with us to book sightseeing helicopter tours, private luxury adventures, inter-island travel, or commercial services.

Which is the best island to visit by helicopter?

Maui is an island that’s best seen by air, and on this complete island Maui helicopter tour, visitors will soar above valleys and waterfalls that are otherwise inaccessible. Fly deep inside the West Maui Mountains where there aren’t even any trails, and gaze upon the colorful cinder cones of Haleakala Crater.

Is there a helicopter tour of Mauna Loa?

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours provide “PRIVATE” tours keeping it just your party and the pilot. Each tour can hold 2-3 passengers who are also guaranteed window seating. Our tours are also conducted with the doors off allowing an adventurous tour and no obstructive views for photos.

What to see in Hawaii from the air?

From lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls, to the white-sand and black-sand beaches, from the turquoise blue water to volcanic badlands to unforgettable historic sights, each island offers something uniquely beautiful that can only be experienced from the air.