What should I name my katana?

What should I name my katana?

katana names

  • SilentDaze wrote.
  • Wrath of the Meteor 流星の怒り Ryuusei no ikari.
  • Eternal Wrath 永遠の怒り Eien no ikari.
  • Death Claw 死の爪 Shino tsume.
  • Instant Death 即死 Sokushi.
  • Tiger Fang 虎牙 Tora kiba.
  • Snake Venom ヘビ毒 Hebi doku.
  • Shadow Pirate 影海賊 Kage kaizoku.

What is a good name for a sword?

100+ Magic Sword Names

  • Bleak Star.
  • Azure Dream.
  • Finality.
  • Finisher.
  • Magnar.
  • Cosmic Ascension.
  • Final Words.
  • The Highroler.

What are cool Japanese sword names?

The following are the names of the different types of Samurai Japanese swords.

  • Chokutō This was the first single edged blade sword which would be imported from China and Korea.
  • Katana. This is the most well known of Samurai Japanese swords.
  • Kodachi.
  • Nodachi or Odachi.
  • Tachi.
  • Tanto.
  • Uchigatana.
  • Wakizashi.

What do I name my minecraft sword?

Dainsleif is a good one, same with Vajra, Joyeuse, Hruntings good too. You could alway name it something personal too, in some cultures naming your sword was a symbol of prestige, or a symbol of the swords past, not just yours.

What is Technoblades sword name?

On their last mission together, Techno and Tommy withdrew three wither skulls and some soul sand to be used for leverage for Technoblade’s sword, Orphan Obliterator, and possibly his trident or axe.

Who is the god of swords?


God of swords and warfare
Katori Shrine in Katori, Chiba Prefecture
Other names Futsunushi-no-Mikoto (布都怒志命, 布都努志命) Iwainushi-no-Kami (斎主神, 伊波比主神) Katori Daimyōjin (香取大明神) Katori-no-Kami (香取神) Katori-no-Ōkami (香取大神)
Japanese 経津主神

What is Tanjiro’s sword called?

Nichirin Blade
Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade changing color. Nichirin Blades ( 日 にち 輪 りん 刀 とう , Nichirin Tō?) are special blades used by and made specifically for the Demon Slayer Corps to slay Demons.

What is a giant katana called?

The ōdachi (大太刀) (large/great sword) or nodachi (野太刀, field sword) is a type of traditionally made Japanese sword (日本刀, nihontō) used by the samurai class of feudal Japan.

What is a one handed katana called?

The wakizashi (Japanese: 脇差, “side inserted [sword]”) is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihontō) worn by the samurai in feudal Japan….Wakizashi.

Wakizashi (脇差)
Type Sword
Place of origin Japan
Production history
Produced Muromachi period (1336–1573) to present