Can you still buy snifters in NZ?

Can you still buy snifters in NZ?

In a statement provided to Stuff, Mondelez New Zealand head of marketing Will Papesch said the discontinuation of Snifters was due to a number of factors, including lower consumer demand.

Are Snifters coming back?

“Snifters continue to be one of our most highly requested flavours and we’re delighted to bring it back to Kiwis in another new form. “We think Snifters fans will love this new take on their iconic movie treat.”

What are Snifters lollies?

Snifters Lumps are a combination of the old Kiwi classic as well as the ever-present Pineapple Lump minus the pineapple. The Kiwi delicacy combines the minted flavour of Snifters lollies with the chewy, chocolate-coated goodness of the Pineapple Lump.

What happened to tangy fruits?

Tangy Fruits were made by confectioner Cadbury, which owns the Pascall brand distributing the candy. Production ceased in 2008, due to a lack of consumer demand.

Why is pods being discontinued?

“Due to changes in our manufacturing capability, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to discontinue PODS. “We don’t make these decisions lightly, and when we do, we always try to balance the expectations of our customers with the needs of our business.

Why is pods discontinued?

In a statement to TVNZ, Mars New Zealand general manager Peter Simmons said the company regularly reviewed its product offerings on a country-by-country basis. “Due to changes in our manufacturing capability, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue Pods in New Zealand,” he said.

Why are Snifters called Snifters?

snifter (n.) 1844, “a drink of liquor,” earlier “a sniff,” from a Scottish and northern English survival of an obsolete verb snift meaning “to sniff, snivel” (mid-14c.), of imitative origin (compare sniff (v.)). Meaning “large bulbous stemmed glass for drinking brandy” is from 1937.

Is Pascall owned by Cadbury?

Pascall is an Australian and New Zealand confectionery, which is owned by Mondelēz International, and distributed under the Cadbury brand. The company is known for making Clinkers and Pineapple Lumps.

Are jaffas from NZ?

Jaffas are a New Zealand registered trademark for a small round sweet consisting of a solid, orange flavoured chocolate centre with a hard covering of red coloured confectionery. The confectionery is currently made in Australia by Allen’s lollies, a division of Nestlé and in New Zealand by RJ’s Confectionery in Levin.

What kind of fruit is tangy?

Some of the more sour-tasting citrus fruits include: Calamansi: a small green citrus fruit that tastes similar to a sour orange or sweeter lime. Grapefruit: a large tropical citrus fruit with a sour, slightly bitter flavor. Kumquats: small orange fruits with a sour-sweet flavor and edible peel.

What happened to the peach fruit burst?

Pascall launched their new Peach Flavour Lumps on Friday, inspired by the much loved but discontinued peach flavoured Fruit Burst lolly. Fans were outraged when the peach flavour was removed from the Fruit Burst pack a decade or so ago. Peach Flavour Lumps are the latest icon lolly to be mashed into a lump format.

Why is NZ getting rid of pods?

A statement from Mars New Zealand’s general manager Peter Simmons read, “Due to changes in our manufacturing capability, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to discontinue Pods.

Is the snifters coming back to New Zealand?

It’s official – the much-loved Snifters lollies are back in town. But before loyal fans get too excited, there’s a twist. After 11 years, confectionary company Pascall is bringing the favourite Kiwi sweet treat back, releasing its brand new limited edition Snifters Lumps on Thursday.

Are there any snifters left in the world?

The classic movie treat known as Snifters has made its long-awaited return — but be warned, it’s had something of an extreme makeover. Pascall sent Kiwi lolly lovers into a frenzy last week when it hinted at the return of the hard-shelled peppermint nougat and chocolate sweet, which was discontinued in 2009.

When do the snifters come back in stores?

“PLEASE bring back snifters proper.” Pascall said Snifters Lumps would arrive in stores on February 13, and would be available for a limited time in select supermarkets, service stations and dairies nationwide. Our comment section is a safe, constructive place for you to discuss stories and issues that matter to you.

Why did Pascall stop making the snifters?

The chocolate maker replied: “Unfortunately Snifters were discontinued several years ago due to poor sales and while Pascall have periodically looked into bringing Snifters back, unfortunately it is just not possible to recreate with current machinery.” Snifters, along with Sparkles and Tangy Fruits, were scrapped in September 2008.