Who played Naomi scotcher in Waterloo Road?

Who played Naomi scotcher in Waterloo Road?

Debra Stephenson

Role Contributor
Naomi Scotcher Debra Stephenson
Rob Scotcher Robson Green
Rhona Mansfield Millie Katana
Sandi Mansfield Alicya Eyo

Why did Kim Campbell leave Waterloo Road?

Kim left for Rwanda at the end of the second series with Andrew. However, she later returned series 4 bringing with her a baby daughter, Grace. At first it seemed Grace was her own daughter, however Kim later confessed to Steph that she took Grace from Rwanda illegally.

Who is head after Rachel Mason?

Eddie Lawson (Neil Morrissey, series 3−4) is the Deputy Head of Waterloo Road, taking over from Andrew Treneman. Shortly after his arrival, Jack Rimmer resigns and Eddie is disappointed that Rachel Mason is appointed Headteacher rather than him.

What happened to Miss Koreshi?

Michaela gets one of her friends to give her a bruise on her face, and lies saying Jasmine caused the bruise….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Jasmine Koreshi
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Left for pastures new
Occupation English Teacher Acting Head of English (S4E17)

Did Daniela Denby-Ashe play 2 characters in Waterloo Road?

Daniela Jolanta Denby-Ashe (born 9 August 1978) is an English actress. She is best known for playing Sarah Hills on the soap opera EastEnders, Margaret Hale on the period drama North and South, and Janey Harper on the BBC sitcom My Family. She also played Lorraine Donnegan on the drama series Waterloo Road.

Who was the best headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Rachel Mason was the best in probably the best time for the show.

Who was the best head of Waterloo Road?

Who was the longest running headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Healey was not in series 5, however. The longest-serving Headteacher was Rachel Mason, who was played by Eva Pope from series 3 until her exit in series 5.