What is the meaning of the song I was only 19?

What is the meaning of the song I was only 19?

The song unified Australia’s Vietnam Veterans and led to a national conversation about many soldiers who struggled after they returned. The song is not about conscription. Mick Storen was thinking about a career in the military. He applied, was accepted, and started training.

What is the cultural context of I was only 19?

The song is a first-person account of a typical Australian soldier’s experience in the Vietnam War, from training at a military academy in Australia to first hand exposure to military operations and combat, and ultimately his return home disillusioned and suffering from both PTSD and, it is implied, the harmful effects …

Why did Red Gum write I was 19?

When Cold Chisel recorded Don Walker’s Khe Sanh, he thought he’d missed his chance, but then he wrote I was only 19, based on the experiences of his brother-in-law, Mick Storen, who had served with 6 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) in Vietnam in 1969.

What poetic devices are used in I was only 19?

Alliteration is not really used in the song. Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming within phrases or sentences. Assonance is included in the song too, “And Frankie kicked a mine the day that mankind kicked the moon”. John Schumann uses assonance in the song to make an impact.

Who was I was only 19 written by?

John Schumann
Ozi BatlaUnkle HoDale Harrison
I Was Only 19/Composers
This iconic protest song written by John Schumann was released as a single in March 1983, hitting number one on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart. The song presents a soldier’s experience of war and reflects on Australia’s attitude to involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

Is I was only 19 a true story?

I Was Only 19 is based on stories and history that Mick Storen told his brother-in-law John Schumann. Mick was a soldier with Frank in 3 Platoon, A Company, 6 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, and was injured when that mine exploded in 1969.

What happened red gum?

Redgum also covered Australian consumer influences on surrounding nations in 1984’s “I’ve Been to Bali Too”, both hit singles were written by Schumann. Schumann left the band and pursued a solo career from 1986, Atkinson left in 1987 and Redgum finally disbanded in 1990.

When did mankind kick the moon?

It was July 21, 1969, a day that changed the world – but it was also a day which changed Bill’s life forever.

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