What are the different models of Mack Trucks?

What are the different models of Mack Trucks?

Current models

  • Construction Series: Granite. Granite Axle Back. TerraPro Cabover.
  • Highway Series: Anthem Axle Back. Pinnacle: Pinnacle Axle Forward. Pinnacle DayCab. Pinnacle Sleeper. Pinnacle Rawhide.
  • Refuse Series: LR. TerraPro Cabover. TerraPro Low Entry. Granite Axle Back. Granite.
  • Military: Granite Armored Line Haul. Kerax 8 x 8.

What is the smallest Mack truck?

Mack ED model
Introduced in 1938, the Mack ED model is one of the smallest Mack truck models ever built. The ED was utilized across many industries and could be fitted with a variety of body styles for light duty operations. The Mack ED was in production until 1944.

How much is a new Mack semi truck?

The Mack Anthem is a versatile truck with day cab and sleeper options. Day cab models can start around $100,000, and sleeper models typically start around $140,000. Prices can rise though depending on options.

What is the most powerful Mack truck?

Mack MP10 engine
The 16-liter Mack MP10 engine, the most powerful Mack engine offered, carries over unchanged. With up to 605 horsepower and 2,060 lb. -ft. of torque, the MP10 comes standard in the Titan by Mack model, the ideal choice for heavy-haul, severe-duty applications.

Is Mack truck owned by Volvo?

Mack Trucks is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks and is part of Volvo Group.

Are Mack semi trucks any good?

Mack Trucks have a reputation as tough work trucks. “Every Mack Semi-truck delivers functional design, tough construction, and reliable performance across a range of applications. So you can tackle any job, day in and day out. These are the machines that make you legendary.”

How many miles do semi trucks last?

Average Semi Truck Lifespan A semi truck, on the other hand, lasts upwards of 750,000 miles – and some semis have hit the million mile mark! When you consider the average mileage of 45,000 miles per year, that means you can expect around 15 years for your trusted truck.

Do Mack Trucks have Volvo engines?

Spokesmen for Volvo and Mack confirmed they are ceasing production of the Mack MP10 engine and the Volvo D16. We also continue to see a general shift among our highway customers toward the lighter, more fuel-efficient Volvo D13 engine, which comprises the most popular engine displacement in North America,” Borgna said.

Are Mack engines good?

The Mack E-7 was first produced in 1988 and lasted until the early 21st century. They are extremely simple to overhaul and rebuild and do exactly what you need for them. They won’t win any races but are extremely reliable engines. When you think of the best diesel engine you can’t leave out the bulldog.

Did Volvo buy out Mack truck?

2000 – On December 18, 2000 the United States Department of Justice approved the acquisition of Mack by AB Volvo, Sweden. Mack is acquired by AB Volvo. Mack celebrates its Centennial anniversary.

What kind of engine does a Mack truck have?

The Granite’s lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and its Mack® MP® engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit. Do more than get the job done—own it.

What kind of truck is the Mack Granite?

Mack Granite The Mack Granite’s lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and it’s Mack MP engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit. Powerful, durable and versatile, Granite is the right truck for the job at hand.

Where do they make the Mack truck transmissions?

According to local historians, Mack transmissions, TC-15 transfer cases, and rear engine power take-offs are designed and manufactured in Hagerstown, Maryland, which was the original factory location. Parts for Mack’s right-hand-drive vehicles are produced in Brisbane, Australia, for worldwide distribution.

What kind of certification does Mack truck have?

All Mack manufacturing locations are certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality and ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Mack is also a proud sponsor of Share the Road, an American Trucking Associations’ public information campaign aimed at enhancing the safety of our nation’s roadways.