How do I search for text in MongoDB?

How do I search for text in MongoDB?

MongoDB supports query operations that perform a text search of string content. To perform text search, MongoDB uses a text index and the $text operator. Views do not support text search.

How do I search in MongoDB?

To find documents that match a set of selection criteria, call find() with the parameter. MongoDB provides various query operators to specify the criteria. For a list of the query operators, see Query Selectors.

How do I search for a specific string in MongoDB?

In MongoDB, we can perform text search using text index and $text operator. Text index: MongoDB proved text indexes that are used to find the specified text from the string content. Text indexes should be either a string or an array of string elements.

Does MongoDB support full text?

In MongoDB, full-text search allows you to perform complex queries that are similar to those you’d perform using a search engine. You can search for phrases and stemmed variations on a word, and it’s also possible to exclude certain “negated” terms from your results.

Which is faster MongoDB or Elasticsearch?

Not just Elasticsearch With only a few indexes, MongoDB is as fast as most applications need and if you need performance then a MongoDB schema tuned for minimal indexes is ideal. It’ll outperform Elasticsearch with queries on the similar indexing.

Is MongoDB good for search?

It offers high scalability, reliability, and performance. MongoDB also uses text-based indexes for full-text queries, but the search is slow, and the search server does not provide tokenizers and analyzers like Elasticsearch does.

How fast is MongoDB search?

By default, MongoDB records all queries which take longer than 100 milliseconds.

Is MongoDB full-text search good?

As per a recent talk at MongoDB, the current scope of text search works perfectly fine for a majority of applications (around 80%) that are built using MongoDB today. Building the search capabilities of your application within the same application database reduces the architectural complexity of the application.

What are the disadvantages of ElasticSearch?

Disadvantages of Elasticsearch

  • Sometimes, the problem of split-brain situations occurs in Elasticsearch.
  • Unlike Apache Solr, Elasticsearch does not have multi-language support for handling request and response data.
  • Elasticsearch is not a good data store as other options such as MongoDB, Hadoop, etc.