Are mepla hinges still available?

Are mepla hinges still available?

Fortunately, the Mepla hinge isn’t in production anymore due to its design flaws. Unfortunately, that means it is hard to find a replacement.

What is an institutional hinge?

Institutional Hinges are commonly shorter in length typically manufactured of stainless steel with rounded machined knuckles. S&D has the capabilities to manufacture Institutional Hinges in a wide variety of lengths, metals and finishes. Institutional Hinges are used in specific settings.

What is a pie corner hinge?

Generic European style hinge designed for corner cabinets. Also known as “Pie Cut” cabinet doors. This hinge attaches the middle door to the outer door. A pie cut corner door typically uses seperate 170 degree European style hinges to attach the two door assembly to the cabinet frame.

What kind of hinges do I need for a heavy door?

Thick. Turn a set screw to adjust the door 1/8″ up or down after it’s hung. Thick leaves and a large diameter pin make these hinges good for use with heavy doors. Bearings allow them to open and close doors smoothly. All of these hinges are load rated; capacity is based on two hinges per door.

What’s the difference between style 3 and style 4 hinges?

Style 3 capacity is based on three hinges per door with the maximum door size listed. Style 4 capacity is based on four hinges per door with the maximum door size listed. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. Max. Ht. Wd. Ht.

How much does a hinge replacement kit cost?

Only drawback, and reason for 4 star is with $8 shipping included this part cost us $30, which seemed too high in our opinion. 5 of 5 No drilling for me! November 19th, 2013

What kind of hinges do Ives hinges use?

Architectural hinges are high-quality hinges offered in a variety of substrates, knuckles, bearings and styles. Ives offers a variety of architectural hinges, also known as butt hinges, that will cover any need in residential and commercial applications while also exceeding code requirements.