Are force sensitive resistors accurate?

Are force sensitive resistors accurate?

These sensors are fairly low cost, and easy to use but they’re rarely accurate. They also vary some from sensor to sensor perhaps 10%. So basically when you use FSRs you should only expect to get ranges of response.

How does a force sensitive resistor work?

A force sensitive resistor (FSR) is a material which changes its resistance when a force or pressure is applied. Conductive film is an example of such force resistance material. In other words, force sensitive resistor it’s a sensor that allow you to detect physical pressure, squeezing and weight.

How do you test a force sensitive resistor?

The easiest way to determine how your FSR works is to connect a multimeter in resistance-measurement mode to the two tabs on your sensor and see how the resistance changes. Because the resistance changes a lot, a auto-ranging meter works well here.

Where are force sensitive resistors used?

Sensitronics is the leader of The Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology. Force Sensing Resistors can be used for such applications as computer input devices, musical instruments, medical instruments, robotics, automotive, interactive toys, sports and more.

Is a resistor a sensor?

Force sensing resistors are a piezoresistive sensing technology. This means they are passive elements that function as a variable resistor in an electrical circuit.

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How accurate are force sensors?

Precise: Our Force Transducers provide very accurate measurement data and record even the smallest forces. The measuring range is between 20 grams and 1,000 tons.