How do I import AVCHD files to my computer?

How do I import AVCHD files to my computer?


  1. Connect your camera to your computer by:
  2. In the Finder Sidebar navigate to the Camera, it is often simply called NO NAME.
  3. Right Click on AVCHD and click Show Package Contents.
  4. Right Click on BDMV and again select Show Package Contents.
  5. Select the STREAM folder.

How do I play AVCHD collection on Mac?

Step 1: To begin the process, go to the and download the VLC Media player software for Mac. Once the download process is finished, run the software on your Mac system. Step 2: Now, go to the File option and click on the Open to add the desired AVCHD file into VLC from your Mac system that you want to play.

Does AVCHD work with Mac?

AVCHD video is not recognized or cannot be transferred to a Macintosh computer. Macintosh® computers do not support AVCHD video recorded in 60p (1080 and 720). If you want to easily transfer video to a Mac, we recommend changing the recording format on the camera.

Can iMovie convert AVCHD to MP4?

The short answer is no. Normally, iMovie for iPad, iPhone or iPad only works with the video files recorded by the iOS devices in MP4, MOV or M4V format. And iMovie for iOS will not import AVCHD footages recorded with other cameras or camcorders.

What is AVCHD format?

AVCHD is a recording format developed for recording high-definition video to media such as recordable DVD media, hard disk drives, and memory cards. 264 format is adopted to compress video data, and the Dolby Digital® or Linear PCM system is used to compress audio data. The MPEG-4 AVC/H.

How do I edit AVCHD files on Mac?

The four editing applications are: iMovie ‘(08 or ’09), Final Cut Express 4, Final Cut Pro (v. 6.05 or higher, Part of Final Cut Studio) and Adobe Premier Pro as part of CS4. One of the fastest and easiest ways to edit AVCHD footage on a Mac computer is with iMovie ’09 software (part of the iLife ’09 bundle).