How do I create an Ignite Server on HP-UX?

How do I create an Ignite Server on HP-UX?

Re: How to set up a Ignite Server

  1. mkdir /var/opt/ignite/recovery.
  2. create a filesystem of req size and mount on /var/opt/ignite/recovery.
  3. /var/opt/ignite/recovery. mkdir archives.
  4. chown to bin:bin.
  5. run /opt/ignite/bin/ignite.
  6. select server setup.
  7. configure booting ip address — next.
  8. use unsed ip in ur nw.

What is HP-UX Ignite?

Ignite-UX is a product supplied with HP-UX to perform initial configuration and software installation of HP-UX systems. It replaces the HP-UX install program (also known as Cold Install).

How do I restore ignite Backup on HP-UX?

Recovering the Client from Ignite Server:

  1. If the client is down, use the “lanboot select” from the EFI.
  2. If the client system is in up state, then you can use the bootsys command to recover the client. Alternatively you the Ignite GUI/TUI to recover the client. Select the client, Go to Actions Menu –> Recover the client.

How do I find my HP-UX server version?

Checking Unix version

  1. Open the terminal application and then type the following uname command: uname. uname -a.
  2. Display the current release level (OS Version) of the Unix operating system. uname -r.
  3. You will see Unix OS version on screen. To see architecture of Unix, run: uname -m.

What is ignite backup?

Ignite is an OS backup solution for HPUX. This tool is developed by HP and available under the brand name Ignite-UX. It’s used to take system backup like a ghost image in the case of Windows. Complete OS can be restored using an ignite backup solution in case of any system failure.

How can I check ignite backup status?

Re: checking the status of ignite backup a) Log files in /var/opt/ignite/… option. full test restore as well.

How do I restore files from Ignite backup?

Re: Restoring specific file from ignite backup Restore the backup into a folder using your backup software. 0mnb is a tape device file. Use the one relevant to your system. to list the content of the ignite backup restored from tape.

Is HP-UX supported?

For HP-UX 11i v3, the original end of factory support was slated for Dec 31, 2017. However, based on customer demand, HP has decided to extend the end of factory support for HP-UX 11i v3 to Dec 31, 2020—3 additional years beyond what is currently offered by the competition.