How far did Kelly Pickler get on Dancing With the Stars?

How far did Kelly Pickler get on Dancing With the Stars?

Kellie Pickler
Dancing with the Stars 16
Partner(s) Derek Hough
Placement 1
Highest Score 30 (Argentine Tango, Quickstep, Freestlye & Instant Jive)

Who was Kellie Pickler’s partner on Dancing With the Stars?

Derek Hough
“I’m overwhelmed,” Kellie Pickler told reporters in the press line Tuesday night right after she and pro partner Derek Hough were declared the season 16 champions of “Dancing With the Stars.” “I’m kind of speechless,” the singer continued. “Usually, I can’t be quiet.

Does Kellie Pickler have a dance background?

Pickler may not have been known for her dance moves before Dancing With the Stars, but she does have a background in dance. The country star was a cheerleader in middle school and high school.

Was Kellie Pickler on Dancing With the Stars?

On May 21, 2013, Kellie Pickler and dancing partner Derek Hough won Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars. The pair won the season thanks to perfect 30-point scores on all three of their final dances: a quickstep set to Ludovic Bource’s “Peppy and George;” a freestyle dance soundtracked by Labrinth feat.

What year was Zendaya on Dancing With the Stars?

In March 2013, Zendaya became a contestant on the sixteenth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Her professional partner was Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Despite receiving praise from the judges and gaining the highest scores throughout the season, she placed runner-up on the final night.

Was Kellie Pickler on Dancing with the Stars?

Did Kellie Pickler date Derek Hough?

Dancer says boyfriends and husbands of his partners aren’t always understanding. Derek Hough has revealed that he has struck up a close friendship with his former Dancing with the Stars partner Kellie Pickler.

Who is Kellie Pickler’s best friend?

Summer Miller
Pickler’s best friend is Summer Miller, who Pickler met when they were teen pageant hopefuls.