Are Conti tires good?

Are Conti tires good?

In our 2021 best tires review, we ranked Continental tires seventh overall and gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0-star rating. Continental tires are an excellent option for all-season drivers and are notably safe in wet and dry conditions.

Are Continental ContiProContact tires all-season?

An all-season touring tire designed to blend performance, comfort and fuel efficiency in a balance of luxury and performance.

What is the average life of car tires?

On average, people drive between 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, which means the average good quality all-season tire will last somewhere between three and five years, depending on maintenance, driving style and conditions, etc.

Why are Continental tires so expensive?

Continental tires are expensive because of the amount of money and effort that goes into the research of their constituent materials. First, chemists find the ideal rubber compound for production. Research centers with inbuilt tracks that simulate varying weather and road conditions then test the tires.

Is Continental owned by Michelin?

It is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world before Bridgestone and larger than both Goodyear and Continental. In addition to the Michelin brand, it also owns the Kléber tyres company, Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company, SASCAR, Bookatable and Camso brands.

Where is Continental tires made?

As the only tire manufacturing site in China, Continental Tires Hefei has grown significantly during the last 10 years. It has completed three phases of expansion with total investment of more than 500 million euro and total employment over 1,700.

What kind of tire is Continental pro contact?

Continental Pro Contact Discover the comfort and style of a touring tire mixed with the practicality of an all-season tire. The Continental ContiProContact offers versatile traction that blends performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Find a balance of luxury and performance with reliable traction on dry and wet roads.

Where can I buy Continental contiprocontact radial tires for free?

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What kind of warranty does continental contiprocontact have?

And when it’s time to fuel, your vehicle will go the distance thanks to a low rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. The ContiProContact is backed by a Continental 50,000-mile limited warranty. In addition, every Continental tire is backed by their Total Confidence Plan warranty.

Which is the best Continental Tire for daily use?

The Continental ContiProContact all-season touring tire provides the perfect daily drive for your car or crossover—offering a premium balance of traction, efficiency, and performance.