Can a foreigner get a Ghana card?

Can a foreigner get a Ghana card?

All eligible foreign nationals living in Ghana are required by law to register and be issued with a Non-citizen Ghanacard. The registration of foreign nationals is part of the process to register all people living in the country. The NIA started with registration of Ghanaian citizens; this process is still on-going.

Can Ghana card be used for passport?

Card uses. The Ghana Card, which uniquely identifies the individual based on biometric features, can be used by the individual for the verification and authentication of identity in the following situations: Ghanaian may not be able to acquire a passport if they do not possess the Ghana Card.

What is Nia card in Ghana?

Commencement of the use of Ghana Card Personal Identification Number as Taxpayer Identification Number. Registration officials of the National Identification Authority (NIA) are currently stationed at fourteen (14) GRA offices across the country to register individuals who do not possess a Ghana card.

Is Ghana card the same as Ecowas card?

The Ghana card is “smart” as it holds the biometric information of citizens, has a 148 kilobyte memory chip and can host 14 different applications, including the passport for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

How much does it cost to get a Ghana Card?

“At these premium centres, an individual going to register for his Ghana Card will be required to pay GH¢250, which is backed by law,” Mr. Abdul-Ganiyu. Registration for the Ghana Card can be carried out at the 34 registration centres at 34 Ghana Revenue Authority’s offices across the country.

Do banks accept Ghana Card?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Identification Authority (NIA) has disclosed that Bank of Ghana (BoG) would from next month direct all commercial banks in the country to accept the Ghana cards as a means of identification.

How much does it cost to do Ghana Card?

Can Ghana Card be done online?

Part of the NIA Ghana Card application process can now be done through the NIA online portal. As such the NIA has provided an online NIA Ghana card application procedure to reduce the discomfort from joining long queues for hours to get your details entered into the system.

Is the Ghana Card free?

The Ghana Card is free for Ghanaians in the first instance. However, if you want to register by appointment as an institution or family, you will be required to pay a fee to be determined by the Authority. Furthermore, renewals and replacements of lost or stolen cards will also attract a fee.

Who is the NIA boss in Ghana?

Kenneth Agyeman Attafuah
Kenneth Agyeman Attafuah is a licensed Ghanaian criminologist, mediator, management consultant, and human rights advocate. He is a member of the New Patriotic Party of Ghana. Since January 2017 he serves as the Head of the National Identification Authority.

Do banks accept Ghana card?

Where can I collect my Ghana Card?

Where can I get a TIN/Ghana card?

  • TIN Centre, Registrar General’s Department.
  • TIN Centre, Customs Long room, Tema.
  • Spintex Taxpayer Service Centre.
  • Adabraka Taxpayer Service Centre.
  • Tema Taxpayer Service Centre 1.
  • Koforidua Taxpayer Service Centre.
  • Cape Coast Taxpayer Service Centre.
  • Takoradi Taxpayer Service Centre.