What kind of guitar does Mark Tremonti play?

What kind of guitar does Mark Tremonti play?

Tremonti uses a slew of his signature model PRS single-cut guitars on the road. Other than some being outfitted with a whammy bar and others with a stop tailpiece, the guitars are all stock production models. His go-to guitar is a charcoal-burst signature model with a Dimebag Darrell sticker on it.

What are Tremonti S pickups?

The Tremonti “S” pickups are basically a less great version of the ones found in the Core Series Tremonti. However, considering there is a $2500 price difference between the SE model and the Core model, this guitar sounds surprisingly amazing. These high output humbuckers have a low end that is really fat and punchy.

How does PRS tremolo work?

The pocket in the tremolo bridge keeps the six individually adjustable saddles from moving sideways, thereby eliminating another traditional cause of tuning instability. The tremolo block is drilled out so the ball ends rest right up under the bridge base plate.

Is PRS really that good?

In fact, PRS Guitars is known for being one of the most high-quality and consistent brands out there. Every PRS Guitar, regardless of whether it’s an American made PRS Core or an import PRS SE, has stunning attention to detail, high-quality materials and construction, and clear sounding pickups.

What delay does Mark Tremonti use?

T-Rex Replica
To give some depth to his solo tones, Mark relies on the T-Rex Replica for his delay uses. A suitable equivalent would be the Ibanez ADMini Delay Pedal, that you can hear in our video.

What guitars do Alter Bridge use?


  • – PRS Modern Eagle (Custom Custom pickup)
  • – PRS McCarty – black with Screaming Demon pickup (“The Mule”) and a red one.
  • – PRS Hollowbody – black.
  • – PRS SC 250 – black (Custom Custom pickup in bridge)
  • – PRS Angelus acoustic.
  • – PRS Private Stock Signature Guitar (very limited run made)
  • – Diezel Herbert Amp Head.

Where is PRS SE Tremonti made?

PRS Tremonti SE electric guitar Made in Korea.

Is the PRS SE Mark Tremonti a USA model?

The PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom is exceptionally close to Mark’s USA model at a fraction of the price. The SE Mark Tremonti models have always been popular with players, especially here at Sweetwater.

What are the humbuckers on a PRS SE Tremonti?

The addition of trem-up-rout to the PRS designed tremolo bridge (previously only available on the Core Tremonti model) is also a welcome addition. The Tremonti Custom continues to feature two humbuckers, each with their own volume and tone control, and a three-way pickup selector on the upper bout.

What kind of electric guitar does a PRS Tremonti have?

Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Top, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, and 2 Humbucking Pickups – Charcoal Burst 60-watt, 16-ohm, 1×12″ Electric Guitar Cabinet with Birch Construction and Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker – Stealth

What are the features of a Paul Reed Smith Tremonti?

The Tremonti “S” pickups and dual volume and tone controls allow players to dial in a wide variety of tones, never losing this model’s signature articulate aggression. Additional appointments include, an all-mahogany body, rosewood fretboard with PRS bird inlays, as well as a Wide Thin maple neck and trem-up route. . . .