How much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court in your house?

How much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court in your house?

If you want to build an indoor or outdoor basketball court, the total expense ranges from $11,000 on the low end, $35,000 on average and $76,000 on the high end for a size measuring 94 by 50 feet. These costs translate into a price of $3.50 to $17 per square foot.

How much does the flooring cost for an indoor basketball court?

In total, laminate flooring for a full-size basketball court will cost $13,000 on the low end and $47,000 on the high end. For a 3-on-3 court, the costs go down to $2,500-$9,000. Houzz also gives cost estimates for vinyl flooring – from $3 to $7 per square foot, which is relatively cheap.

Where can I play basketball in Atlanta?

Indoor Basketball Courts

  • Large Courts.
  • C.T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center. 3201 M. L. King Jr.
  • William Walker Recreation Center. 2405 Fairburn Road S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30331.
  • Central Park Recreation Center.
  • Grove Park Recreation Center.
  • M.L. King Jr.
  • Old Adamsville Recreation Center.
  • Pittman Park Recreation Center.

What are basketball court dimensions?

A basketball court is 91.86ft long and 49.21ft wide. The total playing area for a court is 4520.43 ft² and 7290.5ft² if run-offs and sidelines are required….Basketball court dimensions in feet.

Court aspect Dimensions
Length 91.86ft
Width 49.21ft
Height 22.96ft
Playing area 4520.43ft²

How much does it cost to pour a half-court basketball court?

The cost to install half-court basketball ranges between $12,694 and $35,250. Half-court dimensions are 47 x 50 feet for the professionals (NBA, WNBA, and college), 42 x 50 feet for high school, and 37 x 42 feet for junior high.