How reliable is the Land Rover Freelander 2?

How reliable is the Land Rover Freelander 2?

The Freelander 2 ranked 19th in our Driver Power 2017 used car survey, and was in the top 10 for safety, comfort, practicality and handling. But while 22nd for reliability is also great, 83rd for running costs isn’t.

What is the difference between Freelander TD4 and SD4?

The SD4 comes only with a six-speed automatic gearbox, while the TD4 gets a six-speed manual. Both engines get four-wheel drive as standard.

Who makes Freelander 2 SD4?

Land Rover Freelander
Land Rover Freelander 2 2.2 SD4 HSE 5dr.

What does SD4 stand for Land Rover?

Chris B wrote: SD is for “Sport” Diesel (190HP) as opposed to Turbo Diesel (150HP)> The engine was remapped at the top end for the Evoque to give it a more sproty profile and the same engine was then offered as a cost option on Freelander.

What is high mileage for a Freelander 2?

Also worth knowing: Generally speaking, the Freelander 2 is a reliable SUV easily capable of six-figure mileages. However, it’s sensitive to oil changes on the button. £2000-£4499: Launch to 2009 high-mileage (many up to 170k) 2.2 TD4s.

What does SD stand for on Land Rover?

According to my wife… The SD on my rover stands for…Shi**y Discovery. The HSE on her rover stands for…High Society Edition. According to Wikipedia… It’s just trim levels and when there is a 7 at the end…that means it has seating for 7.

Does Freelander 2 have BMW engine?

Like its non-facelifted version, the Freelander featured a split-folding rear bench. Under the hood, Land Rover installed a choice of gasoline and diesel engines. While Rover provided the gasoline units, the diesel version was powered by an especially tuned 2.0-liter turbodiesel built by BMW.

Who makes the engine for Freelander 2?

A Ford 3.2-litre inline six-cylinder engine producing 230 hp (170 kW) is standard, with a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive….Freelander 2 (L359; 2006–2014)

Freelander 2 (L359)
Platform Ford EUCD platform
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Is the Land Rover Freelander 2 a used car?

Graham Smith road tests and reviews the 2007-2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 as a used buy. The Land Rover badge creates the expectation of a vehicle that can go anywhere but the first Freelander failed to measure up. Panned for lacking off-road ability, it was underpowered and generally underwhelming.

How much does a Land Rover SD4 cost?

See the test pics of the Land Rover Freelander SD4 190. The new motor is available in two states of tune: TD4, which has 148bhp and comes with a manual gearbox (an auto is a £1515 option), or the SD4, tested here, which has 187bhp and is available with the six-speed automatic transmission only.

What kind of engine does a Land Rover SD4 have?

The revised 2.2-litre turbodiesel in this model offers more power and torque than the old spec, at the same time meeting Euro 5 emissions standards and improving its CO2 and economy figures.

What’s the price of a new Land Rover?

With prices starting from $$44,990, the Land Rover Freelander 2, compares very favourably against European rivals like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 (both start at $62,200) and certainly challenges the value of higher grade models of Toyota’s RAV and Nissan’s X-TRAIL and Murano (of those three only the X-TRAIL offers a diesel).