How do I enable site collection features in SharePoint online?

How do I enable site collection features in SharePoint online?

Enable or disable site collection features

  1. On modern communication sites, select Site contents in the top menu bar and then click Site settings.
  2. On the Site settings page, click Site collection features under the Site Collection Administration heading.

What are SharePoint site features?

Typical elements of a SharePoint Team Site

  • News and Announcements. News web part is a great way to share the latest development and critical news and milestones with the team.
  • Outlook Calendar.
  • Quick Links.
  • Recent Documents.
  • Document Library.
  • Quick Launch Links to Outlook, Teams, Planner, OneNote notebook.

How do I customize my SharePoint site?

For additional ways to customize your site, see Customize your SharePoint site.

  1. On your site, click Settings. and then click Change the look > Theme.
  2. Select the look you want.
  3. To customize the colors of one of the default SharePoint themes, select the theme and then click Customize.

How do I activate a feature in SharePoint 2016?

Click the Settings gear icon and choose Site Settings. The Site Settings page appears. In the Site Actions section, click the Manage Site Features link. A listing of all the features for this particular site is displayed.

How do I enable SharePoint Online?

How to Turn on SharePoint Online External Sharing

  1. Click the Manage link below SharePoint Online in the Microsoft Online Administration Center.
  2. Click Manage site collections from the Administration Center window that displays.
  3. Click Settings from the action icons on the menu and then click Manage External Users.

What are the best features of SharePoint?

15 Best Features for SharePoint Online Site

  • Easy, and Cost-effective.
  • Greater Accessibility and Collaboration.
  • Microsoft Suite Integration.
  • Multidisciplinary Usage.
  • Security.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Connectivity with Mobile.
  • Browser Support.

Is SharePoint Online responsive?

SharePoint classic sites by default are not responsive and mobile friendly. When you open your SharePoint classic site in mobile, you will see the horizontal scrolling and the same design as in desktop. The desktop view will be used to show your SharePoint sites in mobile.

How to add community features to SharePoint site?

Or perhaps you want to add community functionality such as discussion categories, content and people reputation and a members list. Navigate to the site you want to configure. Click Settings , click Site Settings. If you don’t see Site settings, click Site information and then click View all site settings.

Where do I find publishing features in SharePoint?

Here are the features that are available once publishing is enabled in a SharePoint site collection. Some features are prominent on the ribbon, while others are visible only through the links on the Site Settings page or libraries.

How to activate the publishing infrastructure in SharePoint?

Activate the publishing infrastructure feature 1 From the root of your site collection, click Settings > Site settings. 2 On the Site Settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features. 3 On the Site Collection Features page, next to SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, click Activate.

Where to find site collections in SharePoint Admin Center?

The classic site collections page has been removed. This article shows the features that were present on the classic site collections page and where to find them in the new SharePoint admin center. To create a site collection in the new SharePoint admin center, go to the Active sites page, and then select Create.