How much do supply chain workers make?

How much do supply chain workers make?

Consistently, good pay is a benefit of a supply chain career. According to ASCM’s survey, U.S. supply chain professionals with a bachelor’s degree earned a median annual salary of $78,750 in 2019, which is 24% higher than the median of other U.S. workers with the same degree.

Can you make a lot of money in supply chain?

Supply Chain Has Lucrative, Favorable Careers Logistics is becoming a very lucrative and favorable sector for new and experienced professionals in the job market. Supply chain professionals are must get goods to end-customers at the right time, ensuring customer satisfaction while being profitable.

How do I become a supply chain manager?

Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Supply Chain Manager

  1. Step One: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree (Four Years)
  2. Step Two: Gain Early Work Experience (Optional, Timeline Varies)
  3. Step Three: Earn a Master’s Degree (Optional, One to Three Years)
  4. Step Four: Gain Advanced Work Experience (Timeline Varies)

Who makes the most money in supply chain?

The 10 High-Paying Careers for Supply Chain Management Majors are:

  • Vice President, Supply Chain Management $155,118.
  • Global Supply Chain Management $114,275.
  • Logistics Manager $104,827.
  • Supply Chain Manager $104,071.
  • Global Commodities Director $103,601.
  • Purchasing Manager $103,289.
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager $100,015.

What part of supply chain makes the most money?

16 highest paying supply chain jobs

  1. Inventory manager. National average salary: $60,535 per year.
  2. Logistics manager. National average salary: $61,605 per year.
  3. Logistics planner. National average salary: $61,227 per year.
  4. Transport manager.
  5. Facilities manager.
  6. Supply chain specialist.
  7. Distribution manager.
  8. Production manager.

Is working in supply chain stressful?

Supply chain management is also a stressful job because emergencies crop up all of the time. Shipments are often late; workers might slack off, there could be an issue projecting how much inventory a company needs. Supply chain managers need to be able to handle stress and also keep morale high.

What is the salary range for supply chain management?

According to Glassdoor , the annual salary range for a supply chain manager falls between $65,000 and $117,000 with an average of $89,067. Bonuses are not uncommon in this field. With bonuses, the annual average compensation for a supply chain manager is $99,000 with top performers able to earn much more.

What is the job description for a supply chain?

Supply Chain workers are required to oversee all relevant steps regarding to the process of supply chain. They take care of products from the raw material stage to the sale as an end product to the clients.

Does supply chain management really pay?

As of Nov 4, 2020, the average annual pay for a Supply Chain Manager in the United States is $88,640 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $42.62 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,705/week or $7,387/month.

How much does FedEx Supply Chain pay?

The average Fedex Supply Chain salary ranges from approximately $20,400 per year for Order Picker to $67,180 per year for Operations Manager. Average Fedex Supply Chain hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.18 per hour for Warehouse Worker to $16.43 per hour for Customer Service Representative.