What form is Leyendo?

What form is Leyendo?

Notes: La i intervocálica (cuando no se acentúa) >y: leyó, leyeron, leyendo, etc….Other Forms.

Present Participle reading leyendo
Past Participle read leído

What is the yo form of HUIR in the preterite?


inglés yo
Present I flee, am fleeing huyo
Present Perfect I have fled he huido
Imperfect I was fleeing, used to flee, fled huía
Preterite I fled huí

What’s a verb for leer?

votes. leo- I read. lees- you read. lee -he/she/they read. leemos- we read.

Is Dormir preterite or imperfect?

Lesson Summary The verb dormir means ‘to sleep’. This verb is regular in the preterite tense (things that happened in the immediate past), but has an -o to -u shift in the third person singular and plural. Dormir is regular in the imperfect tense (things that happened repeatedly in the past).

How do you use the verb leer?

We can use the verb leer whenever we want to talk about reading; for example, Él no leyó bien hasta que tenía nueve años. (He didn’t read well until he was nine.) The past participle is used to create the perfect tense, and it is also regular for the verb leer. It is leído.

Which is the past participle of the verb Leer?

The past participle of leer is leído. Keep reading to learn more about the leer conjugation below. The verb leer is Spanish for ‘to read’. In this lesson, we will learn the leer conjugations in the preterite and imperfect tenses. We will also learn the past participle for leer.

When to use the preterite tense in a sentence?

The preterite tense is used to talk about actions that began and ended in the past. The verb leer is regular in the preterite except for in the third person singular ( él, ella, usted) and plural ( ellos, ellas, ustedes) where there is an -i to -y shift.

How does Dar attach to verbs in preterite?

“dar” attaches the regular endings for verbs in “-er” and “-ir”. Also, no accent marks: The rest of very irregular verbs conjugate in the following way: – Each verb has an irregular stem in Preterite. – Also, the endings are different from the regular ones.