Can an old filling cause tooth pain?

Can an old filling cause tooth pain?

You might experience tooth sensitivity or a dull ache in the area of the tooth as decay begins to occur. At first, this might only happen when you eat ice-cream or when you floss near the filling. See a dentist as soon as you notice any change to prevent further damage to your tooth.

Why does my filling hurt after years?

Dental fillings generally last for years, but they do not last forever. If an older filling becomes loose or breaks, it can cause sensitivity and pain as it gets closer to the nerve in the tooth.

Do old fillings need to be replaced?

While dental fillings can last for many years, sadly, they do not last forever. Eventually, all fillings need to be replaced due to constant stress from eating and drinking, and especially from tooth clenching and grinding. Over time, fillings can wear out, chip, crack, or even fall out altogether.

How do you know if a filling is going bad?

Some of the most common signs that a dental filling needs to be replaced include: Sharp pain when biting down or chewing. Distinct change in texture. Graying in the tooth enamel around the filling.

Why is my filling hurting?

If you just had your filling placed, it will be sensitive once the anesthetic wears off. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods, chewing, and changes in air temperature. It is very common to have tooth sensitivity like this after a filling, but discomfort should go away within two to four weeks.

How long can a tooth hurt after a deep filling?

Sensitivity from a tooth filling should go away within two to four weeks. If the sensitivity doesn’t seem to be getting any better during that time, or it lasts for longer than four weeks, contact your dentist.

Can a Dentist mess up a filling?

If the filling has not been adequately prepared, the mixture may not bond properly to the tooth tissue and this may cause the filling to fall out or cause a gap, which could then allow further decay to form and lead to long lasting toothache as the pulp of the tooth becomes infected.

How much does it cost to replace old fillings?

How much does it cost? The cost to remove an old amalgam filling and replace it with resin, varies. But, you should expect it to fall somewhere between $115 and $300.

How do you fix a bad filling?

When a tooth or filling breaks, the most common restorative solutions include:

  1. Polishing. If your tooth has not actually broken but instead just experienced a crack, your dentist can often simply polish the area, and you are good to go.
  2. Filling.
  3. Inlay or Onlay.
  4. Crown.
  5. Root canal.
  6. Extraction.