Is comp time legal in GA?

Is comp time legal in GA?

Is “Comp” Time Legal in Georgia? In Georgia as in other states, only government employees may receive “comp time” in lieu of overtime pay. Under the FLSA, this practice is illegal for all non-governmental employers.

When can you use comp time?

While using comp time in the private sector is not permitted for non-exempt employees, the practice is legal and more common in the public sector. Federal, state, and local government agencies are allowed to offer comp time to their employees in lieu of overtime pay.

Do employers have to pay comp time?

No, California employees are not required to take paid time off (comp time) in lieu of being paid overtime. But employees can ask the employer for comp time instead of overtime if all of the following are true: The employee works 40-hour (has full-time employment);

How many hours can you work in a day in Georgia?

Georgia law has no overtime compensation provision and, for most adult workers, no maximum hour law. With certain exceptions, individuals employed in cotton and woolen manufacturing facilities may not work over 10 hours per day or 60 hours in a week (see O.C.G.A. § 34-3-1).

Is holiday pay mandatory in Georgia?

Private employers are not required by state law to provide any holidays as paid (or unpaid) days off; however, most Georgia employers observe at least seven paid holidays.

Can my employer give me comp time instead of overtime pay?

Employers may give comp time in place of regularly scheduled overtime work only for employees who must work overtime hours under flexible work schedules. Additionally, comp time may be approved instead of overtime pay for irregular or occasional overtime work.

Can comp time be paid out?

According to federal law, the majority of employees cannot accrue more than 240 hours of comp time. At this point, an employer must pay overtime for any extra hours worked. If an employee resigns and has not used their comp time, the employer must pay them out when they leave the job.

Who qualifies for comp time?

In short, salaried employees can receive comp time if they work for the public sector, are classified as non-exempt, and work beyond 40 hours per week.