How many malls does Macerich have?

How many malls does Macerich have?

Forty-four of Macerich’s 47 malls have re-opened.

Which malls are owned by Macerich?

Macerich will manage and lease Empire Mall, Lindale Mall, Mesa Mall, Rushmore Mall, Southern Hills Mall and SouthRidge Mall. Simon will manage and lease Eastland Mall, Granite Run Mall, Lake Square Mall, NorthPark Mall, SouthPark Mall and Valley Mall.

Where is Macerich headquarters?

Santa Monica, CA

Who owns the Chandler mall?

Chandler Fashion Center/Owners

How much is Macerich debt?

Substantial progress so far By the end of 2020, Macerich’s balance sheet was even worse than it was at the beginning of the year, with net debt of over $8.1 billion.

Who is the CEO of Macerich?

Hern Thomas E O
Thomas E. O’Hern. As Chief Executive Officer for Macerich, Tom O’Hern guides one of the country’s leading retail real estate companies with dominant properties in many top U.S. markets.

Who owns the Macerich Company?

As of December 31, 2020, the company owned interests in 52 properties comprising 50 million square feet of leasable area. The company name is a portmanteau of its founders, Mace Siegel and Richard Cohen….Macerich.

Type Public
Number of employees 670 (2020)
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What will replace Nordstrom at Chandler mall?

PHOENIX – A Midwest-based sporting goods seller plans to open one of its huge attractions-filled stores at a Chandler mall in two years. North Dakota’s employee-owned Scheels said Wednesday it will take over the former Nordstrom at Chandler Fashion Center and expects to open in the fall of 2023.

How old is Chandler mall?

20c. 2001
Chandler Fashion Center/Age

Who founded Macerich?

Mace Siegel

Is there a Scheels store in Arizona?

All Sports retailer SCHEELS is pleased to announce its first store in Arizona, coming to Chandler in Fall 2023. The new Arizona SCHEELS will be home to entertainment attractions, specialty shops and boutiques with the best brand names under one roof.