What is Henri Charpentier famous for?

What is Henri Charpentier famous for?

During his lifetime, Henri was known as the inventor of Crêpes Suzette. That is now disputed by some, but without doubt he was the one to popularize it, and, in the minds of newspaper writers in America, that was his signature dish.

Where is Henri Charpentier from?

Henri Charpentier began as a small coffee shop in Japan’s Ashiya, a town located between Kobe and Osaka. Despite its humble roots, Henri Charpentier has close to a hundred stores in Japan and Singapore today.

Who was Henri Charpentier?

Henri Charpentier was a French chef who became John D. Rockefeller’s chef in the U.S. He undoubtedly popularized the flaming dessert ‘crepes Suzette’ in America.

When was Henri Charpentier born?

Henri was born in 1880 and came to the US in the early 1900’s with his wife. He died in 1961 in Redondo Beach, California. He was a world famous chef and inventor of Crepe Suzette.

How do you pronounce financier dessert?

The financier (pronounced fee-nahn-see-AY) often shows up on petit four plates, baked in tiny round, fluted or rectangular molds.

Where is Henri Charpentier in Singapore central area?

We walked on Orchard Road, always a nice stroll, and at number 181 there is a mall. At the groundfloor there is a variety of eateries. Finally our choice was Henri Charpentier. A japanese bakery with a French name.

What kind of food does Henri Charpentier serve?

Henri Charpentier is indeed lucky to have such a terrific staff like Janice. If I could give more than five star I would. The financiers are so delicious.. try all 4 flavors: regular, singapore sling, matcha, and chocolate…

Who is the assistant manager of Henri Charpentier?

I am extremely impressed by the excellent customer service provided by the assistant manager of Henri Charpentier. Her name is Janice and she was extremely helpful and went beyond her duties to personally deliver a cake to my mum. Her impeccable people skills and amicable…