How much does it cost to get into Chinhoyi caves?

How much does it cost to get into Chinhoyi caves?

Price: The Caves are in a Recreational Park run by the Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Management Authority. As you drive in, there is a small office at the main gate where you pay the entry fee. Entry costs $3 for locals, $8 for SADC citizens and $10 for other visitors. There is no additional vehicle charge.

Is Chinhoyi Caves sacred place?

Hollows and tunnels are a dominant feature of the caves system, and the caves are composed primarily of dolomite and limestone. Chinhoyi Caves are also believed to be sacred, and spirit mediums visit the place for ancestral worshipping or to hold cultural ceremonies.

What are Chinhoyi caves known for?

The Caves have a historical cultural significance. In the 16th century they were used by the local Shona tribes for storing grain and as a refuge from invading tribes. In the 1890’s Chief Chinhoyi and his followers used the Caves as a refuge from raiding tribes such as the Matebele.

How old is Chinhoyi caves?

The Matobo Hills is over 3 billion years old, and has hosted mankind for the past 400,000 years. Within the historic area is found the greatest concentration of rock art to be found anywhere in the world – and this will feature in the Heritage Ride.

How deep is the Chinhoyi Caves?

The caves continue incredibly far underground in a complex limestone formation. The water is so clear and constant in temperature that scuba teams have descended to depths of more than 300 feet (100 meters). They have discovered subterranean passages linking the various pools.

How deep is the blue pool in Chinhoyi caves?

The pool is surrounded by the vertical rock walls of The Wonder Hole, which only adds to the atmosphere. The water in the main section of Sleeping Pool is between 80 and 91 metres deep, fluctuating due to seasonal rainfall. The depth of the water system is unknown, but the estimated depth is around 172metres.

What is the other name for Chinhoyi Caves?

The traditional name for Chinhoyi Caves is “Chirorodziva” which means the “Pool of the Fallen”. The name was derived from an incident which took place in the 1830s when the Angoni Tribe, who were moving northwards surprised people living near the Caves and flung them into the pool.

Why is the sleeping pool blue?

The caves are a system of dolomite and limestone,caves are linked by many passages. This is a cobalt blue pool of water surrounded by lush plants and sound of birds. Strangley enough,the pool is always at the same temperature and level,and always this cobalt colour,whether day or night,sunshine or overcast.

Why is Chinhoyi Caves water blue?

A mysterious underground world created by drops of water. The enchanted Sleeping Pool, an intense cobalt-blue caused by specks of limestone in the water, is said to imprison an underwater monster.

Who discovered the Chinhoyi Caves?

His name was Frederick Selous. However, there were many who already knew of the Caves and saw them either as a place to admire or fear. One legend that surrounds the Caves, and inspires their name, involves Chinhoyi, a Headman who defeated and killed the Nyamakwere outlaws.

How deep is the sleeping pool at Chinhoyi Caves?

between 80 metres and 90 metres
For a long time it was believed the pool was bottomless, but divers of the Zimbabwe Sub-Aqua Speleological Research Group revealed that the depth of the water varies between 80 metres and 90 metres.