What is Cap log close Stata?

What is Cap log close Stata?

1. The command “capture log close” will close a log if any is open and do nothing if no log is open. (The word capture means that Stata should not complain if there is no log open to close.) Choose a name and location for your log and open the log. The name should help you remember what is in the log file.

How do I change my Smcl log?

smcl file can only be opened in Stata. 2 Alternately, you can use the menu: click on File, then on Log, then on Begin. Navigate to the folder where you want to save your log file, enter the file name, and specify whether you want to save the log as a . log or .

What is a script log?

Scripts use log messages to communicate with users. In EPM Workspace, logs are accessed through the Show Task Status list.

What is Smcl Stata?

Description. SMCL, which stands for Stata Markup and Control Language and is pronounced “smickle”, is. Stata’s output language.

Do-file vs log file?

A do-file is a series of commands to be executed in the correct sequence. Do-files document what you did and they are also a good way to identify and correct any mistakes that have been made. Log-files are Stata output files. They also include the documentation of what you did and also your results.

What does Ln mean in Stata?

Note: In Stata, ln(x)=log(x), in other words, log(x) defaults to natural log instead of log base 10. If you want log base 10, use log10(x).

What is the purpose of log files?

Log Files are documents that store data about system activity. They are records that contain information about the system. The information includes running applications, services, system errors and messages from the kernel.

How do I view a logger?

Logger. log will either send you an email (eventually) of errors that have happened in your scripts, or, if you are running things from the Script Editor , you can view the log from the last run function by going to View->Logs (still in script editor).

What does logger Log do?

The log() method of Logger is used to Log a message. If the logger is currently enabled for the given message level which is passed as parameter then a corresponding LogRecord is created and forwarded to all the registered Output Handler objects. only message will be written in logger Output.

Do files Stata?

The do-file contains the Stata commands that you wish to execute. Executing a do-file is the same as executing a series of commands interactively, only you have a permanent record of your commands. This allows you to quickly reproduce work you have already done and go from there.

How do I print a log file?

You print logs from the Viewer. Select File > View…, or type view logfilename from the command line to load the log into the Viewer, and then right-click on the Viewer and select Print. You can also print logs by other means; see [R] translate.

Is log and ln the same in Stata?