What big event happened in 2003?

What big event happened in 2003?

What Happened in 2003 Significant Events, Popular Culture, Prices

  • Human Genome Project.
  • United States – Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.
  • United Kingdom — Ronaldo’s Manchester United Debut.
  • World – Final Concorde Flight.
  • Space – Oldest Exoplanet Found.
  • ESA Launches SMART-1.
  • China — Shenzhou 5.

What are some major events in Mexico’s history?

  • Apr 19, 1325. Founding of Tenochtitlan.
  • Apr 19, 1518. Spanish Conquest of the Aztec’s.
  • Apr 24, 1812. Mexican War of Independance.
  • May 14, 1847. Mexican-American War.
  • May 22, 1865. Second French Intervention.
  • Aug 24, 1910. Mexican Revolution.
  • Apr 3, 1930. The Mexican Economic Miracle.
  • Jul 15, 1990. War Against Drugs.

What happened in Mexico in the 20th century?

20th century Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero calls for armed rebellion against the government of President Porfirio Díaz. Mexican Revolution: The current constitution of Mexico was approved by a constituent assembly in Querétaro. An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hits Puebla and Veracruz, leaving 648–4,000 dead.

Who ruled Mexico before 1930?

The Aztec Empire was the last great civilization prior to the arrival of the Spanish. They came into power in 1325 and ruled until 1521. In 1521, Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs and Mexico became a Spanish colony. For 300 years Spain ruled the land until the early 1800s.

What sports events happened in 2003?

Sporting Highlights for 2003

Date Results
Jan Tennis Australia Open won by Andre Agassi and Serena Williams
Feb Super Bowl held in San Diego won by Tampa Bay
April Golf Masters won by Mike Weir
May Tennis French Open won by Juan Carlos Ferrero and Justine Henin (Belgium)

In which country did the US use force in 2003?

In March 2003, U.S. forces invaded Iraq vowing to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein.

What event started the war with Mexico?

Mexico claimed the Nueces River as its northeastern border, while the U.S. claimed the Rio Grande River, and the day that both troops met at the Rio Grande and the Mexican army opened fire, on April 25, 1846, the Mexican American War began.

What did Mexico gain after fighting for Spain for 11 years?

The declaration of independence led to the Spanish War for Independence that lasted for 11 years. On August 24, 1821, Spain accepted the independence of Mexico by agreeing to the terms of the Treaty of Córdoba.

What year did Spain invade Mexico?

The Spanish conquistador led an expedition to present-day Mexico, landing in 1519. Although the Spanish forces numbered some 500 men, they managed to capture Aztec Emperor Montezuma II.