Who is Ian Hanomansing married?

Who is Ian Hanomansing married?

Nancy Hanomansing
Ian Hanomansing/Spouse

What does Nancy hanomansing do?

Nancy is the director of professional resources for McCarthy Tétrault in Vancouver and Calgary, responsible for the professional development of all of the firm’s British Columbia and Alberta associates and students.

What is Ian Hanomansing ethnicity?

Ian Hanomansing
Hanomansing in 2013
Born 1961 or 1962 (age 59–60) Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Nationality Trinidadian and Canadian
Alma mater Dalhousie Law School, Mount Allison University

Who is Andrew Chang’s wife?

Carolyne Staffordm. 2012
Andrew Chang/Wife

How much does Ian Hanomansing earn?

Hanomansing, who’s been with the Corpse for 31 years, rates the top salary, an estimated $275,000. That includes clothing allowances, “ad rems” aka performance and excellence bonuses, etc.

How old is Wendy mesley?

64 years (January 8, 1957)
Wendy Mesley/Age

Mesley, 64, was born in Montreal and began her CBC career covering the first Quebec referendum on sovereignty in 1980.

How much money does Ian Hanomansing make?

Where is Ian Hanomansing now?

He is based in Vancouver. Follow Ian Hanomansing on Twitter and Instagram.

Is Andrew Chang from the National married?

Andrew Chang/Spouse

How old is Andrew Chan CBC?

Andrew Chang (born December 15, 1982) is a Canadian television journalist and one of three co-anchors of CBC Television’s nightly flagship newscast The National….

Andrew Chang
Born December 15, 1982 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Alma mater Carleton University
Show The National

What is Adrienne Arsenault salary?

Arsenault has been with the Corpse 26 years, but as a senior reporter, so she’s around the $200K level. (The real money at CBC has always been in hosting on the main channel).

What is Wendy mesley salary?

Wendy Mesley: $335,000 At the CBC, seniority counts (these are government jobs, after all).