Where are the collectibles on Endor in Battlefront 1 survival?

Where are the collectibles on Endor in Battlefront 1 survival?

Battle on Endor The first collectable is near the beginning of the mission, behind the computer console. The second collectable can be found by exiting the base from the start of the mission, and going right.

Where are the collectibles on Sullust?

Sullust. First Collectible: Go inside the hangar and jump onto the Imperial shuttle. Once you’re there, inspect the right wing and you’ll find the item. Second Collectible: Look at the hangar, then head to the far left side of the building.

What are the collectibles in Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront includes a variety of collectibles tokens which can be found in two separate game modes. Each map includes five hidden tokens that are spread throughout the map….Survival Collectibles

  • Endor.
  • Hoth.
  • Sullust.
  • Tatooine.

Where are the diamonds in Star Wars Battlefront?

Endor Battle Mode Collectibles

No. Description
1 The first one is in the room where you start, behind the command terminal to your right.
2 When you exit the base, turn right. Follow the road until it turns – the diamond is behind the tree on your left, at the turn.

Where are the diamonds in Hoth?

There are five diamonds waiting to be found in Battle mode on Hoth….Hoth Battle Mode Collectibles.

No. Description
5 Enter the tunnel below the power station, and look for the diamond behind a lamp post on the left.

Where are the diamonds in Sullust?

They can only be obtained in solo and co-op modes – that includes Battle, Survival and Hero Battle….Sullust Collectibles in Battle Mode.

No. Description
1 The first diamond is in the hangar, on top of one of the AT-ATs. Use the catwalks and stairs to get near the top, then jetpack onto the vehicle.

Are there Collectibles in Battlefront 2?

There are 23 collectibles to be found throughout Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s main campaign. All collectibles are marked with a button prompt, letting you see them from a distance. Simply get as close as you can to the item, and press the prompt on your screen to let ID10 scan it into your collection.

Where are the collectibles on Hoth in Star Wars Battlefront?

Hoth Battle Mode Collectibles The first one is on the hill above the camp where you start. Just turn around as you spawn and climb up there to get it. The second one is on the hill overlooking the power relay (the one attached to the Imperial shuttle). After you collect the second one, look down and to the left.