What is another word for wide-open?

What is another word for wide-open?

What is another word for wide open?

agape cavernous
open wide yawning
expanded unlocked
unfastened unclosed
unbolted ajar

What is the synonym of wide wide?

broad, expansive, extensive, far-reaching, immense, large, sweeping, vast. spacious, baggy, capacious, commodious, full, loose, roomy.

How do you say wide-open?


  1. bottomless.
  2. boundless.
  3. countless.
  4. endless.
  5. illimitable.
  6. immeasurable.
  7. immense.
  8. incomprehensible.

What does the term wide open mean?

: having virtually no limits or restrictions a wide-open town.

What is wide in synonym?

The words broad and deep are common synonyms of wide.

What is the adjective of wide?

adjective, wid·er, wid·est. having considerable or great extent from side to side; broad: a wide boulevard. having a certain or specified extent from side to side: three feet wide. of great horizontal extent; extensive; vast; spacious: the wide plains of the West.

What does it mean if someone is wide open?

What does wide open eyes mean?

phrase. If you say that you did something with your eyes open or with your eyes wide open, you mean that you knew about the problems and difficulties that you were likely to have. We want all our members to undertake this trip responsibly, with their eyes open.

What does wide open mean in the South?

Unresolved, unsettled, as in The fate of that former colony is still wide open. Submitted by Campbell from Apex, NC, USA on Feb 01 1999. expression. Not a term, but bugs that are literally everywhere in the south.

What is a numismatist person?

noun. a person who studies or collects coins, medals, etc.

What does ‘wide open’ actually mean?

“Wide open” literally means the maximum aperture of the lens. You will often hear photographers say something like “shoot wide open”. In this case, they always refer to the maximum size of the aperture available on your lens, such as f/1.4 or f/2.8.

What is another word for “wide open”?

Synonyms for Wide Open in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Wide Open. 86 synonyms for wide: spacious, broad, extensive, ample, roomy, commodious, baggy, full, loose, ample, billowing, roomy, voluminous, capacious, oversize….

What is another word for “wide open space”?

Synonyms for wide open space. province. backwoods. boondocks. bush. countryside. farmland. forests. hinterland.

What is another word for wide out?

A wideout, also known as a wide receiver or sometimes simply a receiver, is an offensive player whose primary job is to catch passes from the quarterback. He lines up on or near the line of scrimmage where the ball is placed at the beginning of the play, but split to the outside.