How big is the Dell EqualLogic PS6210 storage array?

How big is the Dell EqualLogic PS6210 storage array?

The PS6210 is a PS6x10 10GbE class EqualLogic® PS Series array that continues the focus by Dell™ on industry-standard features and capabilities for the midrange iSCSI SAN market. PS6210 Features The PS6210 array is available in two different form factors, a 2U chassis with 24 2.5-inch drives, and a 4U chassis with 24 3.5-inch drives.

How do I restart an EqualLogic PS6100 controller?

That would only shutdown the array and when powered back up would likely be back on the same controller. In the GUI, go to Members. Expand it and select the Member name you want to restart. That will restart the array member and fail it over to the other controller.

What happens when you remove a Dell passive controller?

If you mean, when you remove the failed passive controller users won’t be affected that is correct. The restart will force all servers to reconnect but users should not be impacted. 06-11-2020 07:35 AM

What makes Dell a good place to work?

A culture that fosters innovation and values a diverse and inclusive workplace. We’re made up of strong, smart people dedicated to doing their best work and driving success for our customers. Our culture is defined by our values and made real every day by how we work and lead.

What are the ports on the EqualLogic PS6210?

The EqualLogic PS6210 uses a baseline hardware configuration of dual storage controllers with 16GB non-volatile caches, two 10Gb/1Gb/100Mb ports, and two 10GbE SFP+ ports for fiber or copper. The PS6210 is a direct update to the EqualLogic PS6110, with upgraded controllers and processing power, larger drives, and software updates.

What kind of software does Dell EqualLogic use?

Dell also introduced EqualLogic Array Software 7.0, EqualLogic SAN Headquarters 3.0, and new support for the Fluid File System (FluidFS) v3 on EqualLogic FS7610/7600 NAS appliances. In December, Dell launched their new series of EqualLogic SANs, the PS6210 family.