How can I access my Blinkist for free?

How can I access my Blinkist for free?

How to Get Blinkist Premium for free?

  1. Signup to Blinkist [if you are new and don’t have Blinkist account] and go to your account.
  2. If you are using web-version, tap on “You” and Select “Invite Friends”
  3. Copy the referral link and share it on your social media accounts or ask your friends to signup via your referral link.

Is there any app like Blinkist for free?

1. QuickRead (Web, Android, iOS): Best Free Alternative to Blinkist. QuickRead is the best free alternative to Blinkist, one of the must-have apps for book lovers. It’s a treasure trove of free book summaries available to listen to on an app or online, or read as text.

How do you access Blinkists?

To access your playlist, you just need to start listening to a Blink, and click on the playlist icon on the bottom right hand side. In your playlist you can see titles added to your queue, which is playing next and organize them to your liking by dragging a particular title up or down the list.

Which app is better headway or Blinkist?

The winner between the two is Blinkist. Most users have positive experiences due to the apps easy to use interface and a broad selection of nonfiction books. Additionally, considering its price, Blinkist is the better pick between the two. Blinkist and Headway offer very similar services.

Is Blinkist for free?

How Does Blinkist Work? So the first thing to note is that Blinkist comes with a rather hefty price tag. You can try it for free for 7 days, and after that, you are automatically charged $99 for the annual subscription.

What is better than Blinkist?

The best alternative is StoryShots FREE Book Summaries, which is free. Other great apps like Blinkist are Four Minute Books (Freemium), bookbhook (Free), Joosr (Freemium) and 12min APP (Freemium).

How many devices can log in to Blinkist?

Yes, you can use one subscription on as many devices as you’d like. When you download the app to your smartphone or tablet and log in, or when you log in via our website, make sure that you’re using the same Blinkist account. Your reading history and library will sync between devices.

Is Blinkist unlimited?

Blinkist is a platform dedicated solely to summaries of popular non-fiction books. When you’re registered to Blinkist, you have unlimited access to their library. With your unlimited access, you can read as many book summaries as you like at no extra cost!

Is there a free version of headway?

Again, Headway offers a free trial with limited access so that you can get a taste for the app. If you decide to purchase a premium membership, there are many options to choose from weekly to monthly to yearly. One of the most common purchases is a monthly subscription for about $14.99.

Is Blinkist the best?

Summary: Blinkist is probably the best app for book summaries on the market. The outlines on offer are easy to read and quick to implement. If you intend on using the platform regularly (at least once or twice a month), you’ll make your money back.