Is Zach a German name?

Is Zach a German name?

German and Czech: from the personal name Zach, a short form of Zacharias. The Czech form is Zachariáš. German: nickname from Middle High German zach ‘tenacious’, ‘stubborn’.

Is Latorre an Italian name?

Spanish and Italian (mainly southern): habitational name from any of various places in Spain and Italy named La Torre or Torre, from torre ‘watchtower’, ‘defensive fortification’, with the definite article la.

Is Crane a German name?

Crane is a surname. The name is a derivative from “Cron” in Old English or is the English translation of the German “Krahn” or “Kranich.” According to The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain & Ireland, “Cron,” “Krahn” and “Kranich” all mean “crown” in both Old English and German respectively.

What does Zachary mean in Latin?

Zachary is an English masculine personal name derived from Zacharias which is the Latin form of the Hebrew “Zekharyahu” (זְכַרְיָה) meaning “Yahweh has remembered” from the Hebrew elements “yahu” (Yahweh, God) and “zakhar” (he remembered). Eventually the name Zachary formed from Zachariah.

Is Zachary a biblical name?

The male given name Zechariah is derived from the Hebrew זְכַרְיָה, meaning “The Lord has remembered.” It has been translated into English in many variant forms and spellings, including Zachariah, Zacharias and Zachary. It was the name of various men in the Bible.

What does the last name Latorre mean?

Latorre Surname Definition: One who came from La Torre (the tower), the name of several places in Spain; dweller near the tower or spire.

Is Crain a Scottish name?

An ancient Scottish tribe called the Boernicians were the ancestors of the first people to use the surname Crain. It is a name for a person whose was tall, and had long legs. This nickname derived from the Old English words cranuc, and cornuc, which mean crane.

What does Zachary mean in Arabic?

Zechariah, Zachary. Zakariya (also transliterated as Zakaria or Zakariyya or Zekeriya or Zakarya, Arabic: زَكَرِيَّاء‎, or Arabic: زَكَرِيَّا‎) is a masculine given name, the Arabic form of Zechariah which is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has remembered”.