What is the purpose of spacer coupling?

What is the purpose of spacer coupling?

In pump design, a spacer coupling is a cylindrical shaped piece introduced between the pump shaft coupling hub and motor shaft coupling hub. It gives enough space to remove the pump mechanical seal when doing maintenance, without moving either the pump body or the driver.

What are couplings used for?

Couplings are mechanical components used to connect two in-line shafts to enable one shaft to drive another at the same speed. A coupling can be rigid or flexible, allowing various amount of angular, radial, and axial misalignment between the two shafts.

Where is flange coupling used?

Flange couplings are normally utilized in pressurized piping systems where two pipes or tubing closes need to meet up. The associating methods for flange couplings are generally solid due to either the weight of the material or the occasionally dangerous nature of materials went through numerous modern piping systems.

What is coupling types of coupling?

Coupling fall into two main categories: Material Flexing and Mechanical Flexing. The mechanical flexing couplings accept misalignment from rocking, rolling or sliding of metal surfaces. All metal mechanical flexing couplings require lubrication.

What is HRC coupling?

HRC couplings consist of 2 cast-iron halves attached to shafts by means of either hub mount (H Flange) or face mount (F Flange) taper bushes. Between these two halves is a rubber “spider” that serves as a shock absorber. HRC Couplings allow for a limited parallel misalignment (0.5mm) and axial misalignment (1.5mm).

What are the three types of coupling methods?

The different types of coupling are: Common-mode impedance (galvanic) coupling. Capacitive coupling. Inductive coupling.

How many types of coupler are there?

However there are two main types of couplings (Fig 1) which are (i) rigid couplings, and (ii) flexible couplings. Rigid couplings are used for shafts having no misalignment. Since these couplings cannot absorb any misalignment the shafts to be connected by a rigid coupling must have good lateral and angular alignment.

What type of connection is coupling?

What type of connection is coupling? Explanation: Coupling is a linkage between two rotating shafts at the ends. It is a permanent connection, which transmits power.

Is coupling permanent?

The function of the coupling is almost same as the clutches but clutches are temporary joint while the coupling joints are permanent connection.