What is Oxboard?

What is Oxboard?

OX-IS (Formerly SI-Strong) Is the all-in-one product that allows you to meet building code requirements for structural sheathing, continuous insulation, weather and air resistive barrier performance. The higher the R- value, the greater the insulating value.

What is thermo-ply structural sheathing used for?

Thermo-ply® Structural Sheathing is a stable-priced, high-performance alternative to wood structural panels. With grades and options to meet every builder’s needs, Thermo-Ply® meets or exceeds building codes. This sheathing provides an efficient water resistant barrier and best-in-class air barrier.

Is Thermo-ply sheathing waterproof?

Thermo-ply is a code-approved exterior structural sheathing, water resistive barrer and air barrier.

Is Thermo-ply better than plywood?

Thermo-ply does not give building walls the strength against hurricane wind and earthquakes afforded by plywood. Other top builders here have long used either plywood or OSB, another wood product. To be sure, Thermo-ply has the approval of national building code associations, which help set minimum standards.

Is Thermo ply good?

Time-Tested. ThermoPLY is a proven structural sheathing solution that has been used for the past 50 years on more than five-million homes. The product’s performance and price stability have made it the preferred structural sheathing for builders throughout the country.

Is Thermo-ply fire resistant?

Thermo-ply Structural Grade~Red and Structural Grade~Blue may be used in a 1- hour fire-rated wall system, in accordance with the Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials using ASTM E-119 testing procedures.

Is Thermo-ply good?

Is exterior sheathing waterproof?

Exterior wall panels are the best sheathing options you can choose. Because they are cheap, waterproof and beautiful. With them, all types of walls can be covered.

Is Thermo ply better than OSB?

ThermoPLY is made from adhered layers of high-sized fibers and an extruded polyethylene layer that serves as the WRB. ThermoPLY panels are also much more pliable than standard structural sheathing materials. This flexibility allows them to significantly outperform OSB with regard to envelope leakage rates.