Which is better WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp?

Which is better WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp?

For your day-to-day activities, regular WhatsApp has excellent features for media sharing. GB Whatsapp has the option where you can send up to 90 images and audio files up to 100MB in one go. You can also download the status with a simple click in GB WhatsApp without using any third-party apps.

Why WhatsApp plus is banned?

A lot of users then transfer their chats to apps like WhatsApp Plus or GB Plus to use the advanced features. So if WhatsApp finds an account violating the guidelines of the messaging app, then the user can face a temporary or permanent ban on the app.

Can I use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

You can run dual WhatsApp in a single Android device. GBWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application and have a lot of features like to change WhatsApp theme, chat color etc. GBWhatsApp is developed by a senior manager of XDA. This gives an ability to run to dual WhatsApp in a single Android device.

Which WhatsApp is best and safe?

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods Available To Enjoy Amazing Features?

  1. GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods available out there.
  2. WhatsApp Plus. Here comes another top-rated WhatsApp mod, WhatsApp Plus (WAPlus) that you can try using on your Android phone.
  3. YoWhatsApp (YoWA)
  4. Fouad WhatsApp.
  5. OGWhatsApp.

What banned WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has said in the past that more than 95 per cent of bans are due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging or spam. WhatsApp banned more than two million Indian accounts and received 420 grievance reports in August, the Facebook-owned company has said in its compliance report.

Is WhatsApp GB safe to use?

What is the safest way to use GB WhatsApp? The answer to this question is clear: there isn’t one. There is no guarantee of privacy or security when you use this unofficial app.

Can deleted WhatsApp messages be retrieved by police?

It’s also possible that investigators can trace deleted WhatsApp messages—unless they were encrypted. If you use your Android for file storage, those files might still be hanging around in storage, too.

Why WhatsApp is ban?

One of the key factors behind the ban of 20,70,000 accounts is said to be due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messages. Over 95 per cent of accounts that are involved in automated messaging face bans in India.

Is WhatsApp banned in 2020 gb?

In 2019, WhatsApp had banned many accounts that were associated with the GB WhatsApp. The ban was temporary but came with a warning that if users do not switch to the original, they will get banned from WhatsApp permanently.