Who started editing Bengal Gazette from 1780?

Who started editing Bengal Gazette from 1780?

James Augustus Hicky
Bengal Gazette, The the first newspaper published from Calcutta. While inaugurating the Bengal Gazette in 1780, James Augustus Hicky, its founding editor, announced that the motto of his paper would be to report objectively and impartially the affairs of the country. He tried to remain true to his promise.

When was the first Bengali newspaper published?

Bengal Gazetti was a historic Bengali weekly newspaper published in India in 1816 or 1818 and is one of the oldest publications in India. It is believed to the first Bengali Language newspaper. The journal was edited by Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya, a former employee of Serampore Mission Press.

Who is known as the father of newspaper?

James Augustus Hicky was an Irishman who launched the first printed newspaper in India, Hicky’s Bengal Gazette.

Who was the first newspaper of India?

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette
Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first English-language newspaper published on the Indian subcontinent. It was founded in Calcutta, capital of British India at the time, by Irishman James Augustus Hicky in 1779.

Who is called Father of journalism?

Joseph Pulitzer
Born József PulitzerApril 10, 1847 Makó, Kingdom of Hungary
Died October 29, 1911 (aged 64) Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Political party Republican (1870) Liberal Republican (1870–74) Democrat (1874–1911)

Who is known as father of journalism?

Joseph Pulitzer, (born April 10, 1847, Makó, Hungary—died October 29, 1911, Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.), American newspaper editor and publisher who helped to establish the pattern of the modern newspaper. In his time he was one of the most powerful journalists in the United States.

Who is the father of Indian newspaper?

James Augustus Hickey
The contribution of James Augustus Hickey, an Irishman, who laid the foundation and parameters of journalism in India through the columns of his weekly Bengal Gazette, the first Indian newspaper published from Kolkata Jan 29, 1779, was recalled by journalism students and senior scribes of the Taj city at a function.

Who is the father of Indian journalist?

Ramananda Chatterjee,(29 May 1865 – 30 September 1943), founder, editor, and owner of the Calcutta based magazine, the Modern Review. He has been described as the father of Indian journalism.