What is image grouping?

What is image grouping?

Grouping lets you rotate, flip, move, or resize all shapes or objects at the same time as though they were a single shape or object. You can also change the attributes of all of the shapes in a group at one time, such as adding a shape fill or effect, or an effect to a picture.

What is the purpose of an image group?

A group of images is a collection of images being used to convey the same or similar pieces of information.

What is the shortcut to group pictures in Word?

Grouping objects

  1. Hold the Shift (or Ctrl) key and click the objects you want to group.
  2. Click the Group command on the Format tab, then select Group.
  3. The selected objects will now be grouped.

How do I group pictures and shapes in Word?

Group shapes, pictures, or objects

  1. Press and hold CTRL while you select the shapes, pictures, or objects that you want to group. The Wrap Text option for each object must be other than In line with Text.
  2. Go to Drawing Tools or Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, select Group. , and then select Group.

Why is grouping not working in PowerPoint?

If you are unable to group in PowerPoint, there are typically 3 common reasons: You have selected only one object (you must have more than one object selected to group). You can’t group placeholders with other objects. You can’t group objects with tables, embedded worksheets or GIF images.

How do I group an image and shape in Word?

What is the shortcut key of grouping?

Ctrl + G
PowerPoint Shortcut Group PowerPoint Shortcut Ungroup

Command Keyboard Shortcut
Group Objects Ctrl + G
Ungroup Objects Ctrl + Shift + G
Regroup Objects Alt + E

What is ctrl G?

Alternatively referred to as Control G and C-g, Ctrl+G is a shortcut key most often used to go to a line or page.

Can I group images in Word?

Press and hold CTRL and select shapes, pictures, or other objects to group. Go to Picture Format or Picture Tools Format > Group > Group.