How do you apply Daivobet ointment?

How do you apply Daivobet ointment?

Apply Daivobet® ointment only to the psoriasis plaques in a thin layer and gently rub in. If you accidentally put some of the ointment on normal skin, wash it off as soon as possible. under occlusive dressings (such as a bandage).

Is Daivobet the same as Dovobet?

Calcipotriol plus betamethasone dipropionate ointment (Daivobet® or Dovobet®) is a stable, convenient, once-daily topical treatment for psoriasis.

How much is Daivobet gel in Australia?


Private Prescription Price $39.98
Discounted PBS Price $39.98
Concession PBS Price $5.60
Safety Net Price $0.00

Can Daivobet ointment be used on the scalp?

Daivobet gel is for the treatment of psoriasis on the scalp or mild to moderate plaque psoriasis on other parts of the body. Daivobet should be applied once a day on the affected areas of the skin. No more than 15 g of the gel or ointment should be used in one day.

When do you use Daivobet?

Daivobet® ointment is used only on skin affected by plaque-type psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disorder in which skin cells are overactive. The calcipotriol in Daivobet® ointment treats the overactive skin cells. The betamethasone dipropionate relieves redness, swelling, itching and irritation of the skin.

Can you put dovobet on broken skin?

Special precautions • Avoid use on more than 30% of your body or using more than 15 grams per day • Avoid using under bandages or dressings as it increases the absorption of the steroid • Avoid use on large areas of damaged skin, on mucous membranes or in skin folds (groin, armpits, under breasts) as it increases the …

What is dovobet used to treat?

Dovobet ointment is used on the skin to treat plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris) in adults. Psoriasis is caused by your skin cells being produced too quickly. This causes redness, scaling and thickness of your skin.

When do you use daivobet gel?

How to use Daivobet® gel

  1. Follow carefully all directions given to you by your doctor or pharmacist.
  2. Apply Daivobet® gel only to areas affected by psoriasis.
  3. Daivobet® gel should be applied on dry skin on the body and/or to the scalp when your hair is dry.
  4. Do not use Daivobet® gel.

Is daivobet good for eczema?

The Daivobet ointment, a complex product comprising calcipotriol and betamethasone, has been successfully used for the treatment of patients with plaque-type psoriasis for ~10 years; however, there are few reports on the effect of the ointment on other skin disorders of abnormal keratinization, such as eczema.

Is Daivobet good for eczema?

Can Daivobet cause hair loss?

– skin irritation – itching – dry skin – skin burning sensation – skin reddening or swelling – worsening of psoriasis – infected hair follicles – skin pain – a rash on your face or body – hair loss or thinning – a change in the colour of your skin – your skin is more sensitive to light – change in control of diabetes.