What is the difference between Weibo and WeChat?

What is the difference between Weibo and WeChat?

The key difference between the two Essentially, Weibo is more open, fast and visible, while WeChat is more private and relationship-focused, which possibly makes it more suitable for targeted marketing and gaining a long-term loyal following.

Is Weibo still popular in China?

Weibo is one of the most popular sites in China and is often considered to be a combination of Chinese Facebook & Twitter. However, given the character limits its most often labeled as the Chinese Twitter. Weibo is the second most popular social media in China with its user base nearing 500 million users.

Who owns WeChat and Weibo?


Developer(s) Tencent Holdings Limited
Initial release 21 January 2011 (as Weixin)
Preview release(s)
Android 8.0.1 / 8 February 2021
Operating system Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

Is WeChat Weibo?

Weibo can be accessed using both mobile and desktop. WeChat on the other hand, can only be used on mobile phones. WeChat focuses on two-way connections while Weibo app is an open social media network which is not as “rigid demand” as WeChat.

Is Weibo like Instagram?

China’s Weibo takes down Instagram-like app after logo plagiarism spat. Media likened it to Facebook Inc’s Instagram app as it had a similar interface and allowed users to browse, share and edit photos and videos through the app. Instagram is blocked in China.

Who is WeChat owned by?

WeChat is owned by Chinese firm Tencent, one of the most valuable companies in the world. Run by billionaire businessman Pony Ma, current estimates put Tencent’s value at $69 billion USD.

Is WeChat the same as QQ?

You might think that since WeChat is life in China, QQ must be its older outdated cousin. However this is not the case; QQ and WeChat are both owned by Tencent. They are not interchangeable and it’s not an either or situation where you have to pick a side.