What is IC411 cooling?

What is IC411 cooling?

Standard construction electric motors are closed and self-ventilated with a fan mounted to the motor shaft which operates in both directions of rotation. This cooling system, per IEC 60034-6, is designated IC411.

How do you cool a Tefc motor?

Cooling without using a fan, only by natural ventilation and radiation on the totally enclosed motor surface. Cooling air is blown over the totally enclosed motor surface by a fan mounted on the shaft. Cooling air is blown over the totally enclosed motor surface by an separately excited fan motor.

How are induction motors cooled?

For AC induction motors, cooling air is usually circulated internally and externally by one or more fans mounted on the rotor shaft. For constant torque loads, it is sometimes necessary to install a separately powered forced cooling fan (IC 43) to maintain adequate cooling at low speeds.

How cooling is achieved in motor enclosure?

The totally enclosed unit cooled (TEUC) type of enclosure uses an air-toair heat exchanger and receives its cooling through an external blower. The blower draws air into the heat exchanger through the air inlet. An internal blower circulates the internal cooled air throughout the inside of the motor.

What is IC666 cooling?

IC666 – Air-Air cooling with forced fan system inside stator and heat exchanger with open external circuit with force ventilation. IC511 – Air Pipe cooling with fan on motor’s shaft and open circuit piping in motor’s stator.

Why is cooling necessary in electric motor?

Cooling an electric motor boosts its performance, allowing for a smaller motor to be used, which in turn lowers vehicle weight and increases energy efficiency.

Why is speed control of induction motor necessary?

Induction motors do not run at synchronous speed, they are generally fixed speed motors. In Industries mechanical loads should not only be driven but should also be driven at desired speed. Therefore, the need of speed control methods for induction motor arises.

Do AC induction motors have brushes?

AC induction motors have no brushes and have a much longer life expectancy. DC motor speed is controlled by varying the armature current, while AC motor speed control is achieved by varying the frequency of the alternating current, often with a variable frequency drive(VFD).

How hot is too hot for a motor?

Normal Temperature engine temperature gauge Most experts agree that your engine should run between 195 degrees and 220 degrees.

What is IC81W?

IC81W– is air-cooled and self-ventilated, and the motor is equipped with a heat exchanger (air-to-water). The water circulation is powered by an independent pump or water system. IC86W– motor is a fully enclosed motor with independent air / water cooler.