What is Nozawa style sushi?

What is Nozawa style sushi?

The legendary chef Kazunori Nozawa only served traditional-style sushi (i.e. no California rolls or spicy tuna rolls) at the now closed 25-seat Sushi Nozawa in Studio City, Los Angeles for 25 years until 2012. His menu was only omakase (“leave it to the chef”). At SUGARFISH, his philosophy continues.

How much is Nozawa Bar omakase?

Nozawa Bar, which served its first omakase meal last night, is offering both lunch and dinner priced at $130/head and $150/head respectively.

What is the don’t think just eat at SUGARFISH?

The “Don’t Think, Just Eat” begins as its three predecessors do: with a plate of organic edamame followed by tuna sashimi. You will find just a few new preparations, sauces and slices, though, that are unique to the “Don’t Think, Just Eat,” such as albacore served with soy and ginger, or the snapper served with shiso.

Who owns Sugarfish sushi?

Kazunori Nozawa
Kazunori Nozawa serves as President of Sushi Nozawa, LLC, a Los Angeles-based restaurant group that was founded by Nozawa, Jerry A. Greenberg, and four other partners. Sushi Nozawa, LLC owns and operates SUGARFISH, Nozawa Bar, and KazuNori.

Is Sugarfish rice gluten free?

But Sugarfish isn’t one of these “everything is gluten-free!” joints, it’s 100% on you to keep your meal safe, and delish. As you can see here, if you let your server know you’re gluten-free, your sushi arrives sans sauce. The quality of Sugarfish is so amazing that you don’t even need it.

How many Sugarfish locations are there?

Nearly 10 years later, Sugarfish is a budding chain with nine locations and a new offshoot: Nozawa’s latest concept, KazuNori, which serves only hand rolls and cut rolls.

What is Sugarfish trust?

Trust Me. The menu most similar to what Nozawa served his regulars at Studio City’s Sushi Nozawa. Typically includes a sashimi course, seven orders of nigiri and two hand rolls.

Where is Nozawa Asian fusion and sushi bar?

Nozawa Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar | 282-B U.S. highway 6 Dillon, CO 80435 | Tel: 970-262-6600

When did Jerry Greenberg and Kazunori Nozawa start Sushi Nozawa?

In 2008, Kazunori Nozawa and Jerry A. Greenberg founded Sushi Nozawa Group. Friends for decades, their plan was to take the food Chef Nozawa perfected at his namesake restaurant, Sushi Nozawa in Studio City, and make it more accessible while remaining 100% committed to the quality of the food.

Who are the owners of SUGARFISH sushi restaurant?

Tom Nozawa, Lele Massimini, Cameron Broumand , and Clement Mok — each with expertise in their respective fields — joined Nozawa and Jerry as founding partners of Sushi Nozawa, LLC to create SUGARFISH. The first SUGARFISH restaurant opened in Marina del Rey in 2008, followed by subsequent locations in the greater Los Angeles area.