Who does Nyota Uhura end up with?

Who does Nyota Uhura end up with?

Spock and Uhura have a canonical romantic relationship in the Star Trek Alternate Original Series movies . Initially introduced as student and teacher, later scenes establish that Spock and Uhura are also linked romantically (Uhura comforts Spock with a hug; in a later scene, the two share a kiss).

What rank is Uhura in Star Trek?

aboard to their normal ages. Following the end of the Enterprise’s historic five-year mission in 2269, Uhura received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander.

Does Uhura become captain?

Uhura first appears in the episode “The Man Trap”, joining the crew of the USS Enterprise as a lieutenant, and serves as chief communications officer under Captain Kirk. She is later promoted to lieutenant commander in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and to full commander in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

How many episodes was Uhura in Star Trek?

three episodes
[3] Nichols also provided Uhura’s voice (in addition to a few guest character voices) for The Animated Series, in which Uhura appears in all but three episodes.

Does Spock have a child?

Zar, son of Spock and Zarabeth who was born on Sarpeidon 5,000 years in its past due to Spock’s time travel and became a powerful leader on the planet. Araen, first wife of Zar, who died in childbirth along with his child.

Why does Kirk call Saavik Mr?

As can be seen in the book (p. 48), the character’s name was changed to its eventual configuration of Saavik by 30 October 1981. In Star Trek II, Saavik is commonly referred to as “mister,” a form of respectful military address.

Why did Star Trek change command from gold to red?

In TOS (The Original Series) gold was reserved for command, red was for engineering and security, leaving science and medical officers with blue. After TOS, command swapped with engineering and security while science and medical officers kept their trademark blue threads.

Which is Star Trek character has the last name Uhura?

See Uhura for other articles with titles that contain, either by relationship or by coincidence, this character’s surname.

Where is the Starfleet insignia on a Star Trek uniform?

A Starfleet insignia is worn on the left breast: this also functions as a communicator badge. This combadge insignia was redesigned for the movie Star Trek Generations (the only surviving part of a planned redesign of the uniforms), replacing the oval with a trapezoid with a cutout oval in the center.

What was Nyota Uhura’s favorite Star Trek song?

One of Uhura’s favorite songs was “The Moon’s a Window to Heaven”. ( TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure, TAS episode: ” The Practical Joker “, TOS movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, TOS episode: ” Charlie X “; WizKids module: Attack Wing )

When did Nyota Uhura join the USS Enterprise?

Aboard the Enterprise (NCC-1701) Uhura transferred aboard the USS Enterprise in 2262 as Chief Communications Officer, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Like the rest of the Enterprise crew at that time, she developed fierce loyalty for Captain Pike.