How do you calculate TR on a compressor?

How do you calculate TR on a compressor?

Some commercial and industrial refrigeration systems are rated in Tons of Refrigeration (TR, tons). A ton is the amount of heat removed by an air conditioning system that would melt 1 ton (2000 lbs.)…Converting between Btu/h and Tons of Refrigeration.

Btu/h Refrigeration Ton kW
48000 4 14.1
54000 4 1/2 15.8
60000 5 17.6

What is TR in compressor?

Ton of Refrigeration (TR): Ton of Refrigeration (abbreviated as TR) is an important historical unit of refrigeration capacity. Originally 1 TR was defined as the rate of heat transfer required to make 1 short ton (2000 lbs) of ice per day from water at 0oC.

What is TR in condenser?

The TR indicates the amount of heat the cooling water absorbs from condensing steam. While TR is an indication of the amount of heat absorbed by the circulating water, TTD is a measure of the efficiency with which heat is transferred from the shell side of the tube to the water side.

Which compressor capacity is suitable for 2 Tr air conditioner?

15 Hp 2 TR Rotary Compressor

Capacity 2 Ton
Weight 18 Kg
Power Source Electric
Voltage 220 V
Application Air Conditioner

How do you calculate CFM to TR?

CFM is cubic feet per minute. TR is tonnage of refrigeration. For the non-centralized conditioning system, 1 TR =300CFM.

What is meant by TR?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A ton of refrigeration (TR or TOR), also called a refrigeration ton (RT), is a unit of power used in some countries (especially in North America) to describe the heat-extraction capacity of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

How do you calculate TR and AR?

You can calculate AR by dividing your total revenue (TR) by your quantity sold:

  1. AR = TR/Q. Marginal Revenue vs.
  2. MR = ΔTR / ΔQ. AR = TR/Q.
  3. MR = ΔTR (1,045 – 1,000) / ΔQ (11 – 10) = 45.
  4. MR = ΔTR (1,080 – 1,045) / ΔQ (12 – 11) = 35.
  5. TR = P x Q.
  6. TR (500) = P (10) x Q (50)
  7. MR = ΔTR (549.45 – 500) / ΔQ (55 – 50) = 9.89.

How big is a multi cylinder refrigeration compressor?

Machines of four, six and eight cylinders are common. Fig. 4.6 shows a large industrial reciprocating compressor built with a welded steel crankcase, the largest of this type being suitable for up to a refrigeration capacity of 900 kW (-10/35°C). Figure 4.6. Industrial size multi-cylinder compressor (GEA Refrigeration).

What is the compressor capacity of a pneumatic system?

If the entire pneumatic system requires 1000 1. of free air, the compressor capacity works out to be 12.5 HP. To select the right compressor, the following points must be considered.

How is the capacity of a reciprocating compressor determined?

The capacity of the reciprocating compressor depends on the diameter of the cylinder bore, the length of the piston stroke inside the cylinder, number of cylinders in the compressor and the speed of rotation of the crankshaft.

What are the theoretical hp / TR values for isentropic compression?

The theoretical HP/TR values for the isentropic work of compression vary according to the refrigerant used and the evaporator/condenser temperatures at saturation. For example, data from the literature for some typical refrigerants, with the same degree of superheat at compressor’s suction: