What is a business associate agreement in healthcare?

What is a business associate agreement in healthcare?

A HIPAA business associate agreement is a contract between a HIPAA-covered entity and a vendor used by that covered entity. A HIPAA-covered entity is typically a healthcare provider, health plan, or healthcare clearinghouse that conducts transactions electronically.

What does a business associate agreement do?

At its simplest, a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a legal contract between a healthcare provider and an individual or organization that will receive access to, transmit, or store Protected Health Information (PHI) as part of its services for the provider.

Why is a business associate agreement contract required between a HIPAA-covered entity and a downstream medical or service provider to that covered entity?

The HIPAA Rules generally require that covered entities and business associates enter into contracts with their business associates to ensure that the business associates will appropriately safeguard protected health information.

Is a business associate agreement required between two covered entities?

4. Do Two Covered Entities Need a BAA? Yes. If you hire another HIPAA-covered organization to create, maintain, receive, or transmit PHI on your organization’s behalf, then they are your business associate.

How long are business associate agreements good for?

Do Business Associate Agreements Expire? No, they do not expire. Once BAAs are in place, they are valid unless a regulatory rule change occurs. The last requirement change occurred in 2013 when HHS updated their HITECH requirements.

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What is the difference between a covered entity and a business associate?

What Is a “Business Associate?” A “business associate” is a person or entity that performs certain functions or activities that involve the use or disclosure of protected health information on behalf of, or provides services to, a covered entity. A member of the covered entity’s workforce is not a business associate.

Do business associate agreements need to be signed annually?

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