Are there any cartoons that are not funny?

Are there any cartoons that are not funny?

We will not allow any pictures containing nude, racist or pictures. Also, pics that some groups who have no sense of humor may find religiously offensive. You can also add a link to the site you found the cartoon on so the original author gets some credit.

What are some of the best cartoons of all time?

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Are there any funny cartoons in the DC Universe?

From Batman to Superman, the DC universe is full of complex stories and epic rivalries. Enjoy reviews and in-depth articles on DC’s comic books, video games, and movies. Throwing the humor back a little. You know, people say negativity is like a monster.

Are there any funny cartoons in reader’s digest?

If you need a good laugh, these funny cartoons are sure to put a smile on your face. If you like cartoons, you’ve come to the right place. Reader’s Digest has the best cat cartoons, political cartoons, and even work cartoons that will help you get through to Friday.

Who is the cartoonist of the Happy Bunny?

These funny comics with occasional cynical notes are by Jim Benton, a talented comic artist who also created the (in)famous I’m Happy Bunny that many of us know and love. Benton’s cartoons feature simple observations on everyday life with surreal or ironic twists.

What do you need to know about cartoon sharing?

We are always looking for amusing cartoon pictures. So if you have a cartoon image that makes you laugh, and you would like to share it. Please add a new post or use the link in the main menu and submit it for review. We do prefer cartoons that are single images, clean and suitable for adults of either gender.