What is Nomological framework?

What is Nomological framework?

a conceptual network: a broadly integrative theoretical framework that identifies the key constructs associated with a phenomenon of interest and the associations among those constructs.

What is the meaning of nomology?

the science of the laws of the mind
: the science of the laws of the mind.

What is a construct validity in research?

Construct validity is the extent to which the measure ‘behaves’ in a way consistent with theoretical hypotheses and represents how well scores on the instrument are indicative of the theoretical construct.

What is discriminant validity in psychology?

the degree to which a test or measure diverges from (i.e., does not correlate with) another measure whose underlying construct is conceptually unrelated to it.

What does Pomological mean?

of growing fruit
: the science and practice of growing fruit.

What is a Nomographer?

: a writer of laws : one who is an expert in nomography.

What is an example of a construct?

What is a Construct? Intelligence, motivation, anxiety, and fear are all examples of constructs. Constructs exist in the human brain and are not directly observable. For example, though you may know a person is smart by the way they speak and what they say, you cannot directly observe intelligence.

What is construct validity and example?

Construct validity refers to whether a scale or test measures the construct adequately. An example is a measurement of the human brain, such as intelligence, level of emotion, proficiency or ability. An example could be a doctor testing the effectiveness of painkillers on chronic back sufferers.

How do you explain discriminant validity?

Discriminant validity is demonstrated by evidence that measures of constructs that theoretically should not be highly related to each other are, in fact, not found to be highly correlated to each other.