How long does Axon cladding last?

How long does Axon cladding last?

Axon™ cladding has a 10-year product warranty when installed and maintained correctly. To add to this, its inherent stability means Scyon™ Axon™ cladding can also be painted in darker colours.

What is the difference between stria and Axon cladding?

Stria cladding boards can be oriented vertically for a deep groove vertical look. There’s a separate installation manual for this orientation. Although it has the look of tongue and groove vertical joint boards, Axon Cladding comes in 1200mm wide sheets.

What Colour is Axon cladding?

It is available in white, red, yellow, green, blue and coffee.

Can Axon Cladding be laid horizontally?

The various panel widths can be mixed in horizontal, vertical and diagonal formats to provide an infinite array of design possibilities.

Does Axon Cladding need to be painted?

Axon Cladding is pre-primed, so requires less painting — and it looks great in any colour you choose.

Do you need to paint Axon cladding?

Heavy-duty performance and enhanced workability. The stepped shiplap on the long edges of Axon™ cladding means sheets are easily installed. Paint application is fast because the pre-primed sheets mean less paint and time is needed to achieve a high-quality finish.

Is Axon cladding waterproof?

Axon Cladding is resistant to moisture damage, so it’s perfect for bathroom areas!

What kind of timber is used in axon cladding?

Incorporating the beauty and fine detail of painted vertical joint timber, but without time-consuming board construction or durability hassles, Axon is a range of vertically grooved panels with the detail of vertical joint timber. Available in smooth or grained finish.

Where is the headquarters of the axon company?

Axon US is an e-commerce company headquartered in New York City. We offer online and offline destinations for suppliers and end-users.

What kind of cladding is best for vertical walls?

Axon Cladding creates a strong visual impact on your walls with clean vertical lines. Pre-primed & easy to install Scyon Axon is perfect for the upper storey and ground floor extensions. Products By category External cladding

Is the axon Accelerate conference going to be digital?

Due to the unprecedented impact of Covid-19, this year’s Axon Accelerate Conference is going completely digital. Tune in from wherever you are to get the same valuable information from our full line-up of speakers and panelists.