What does Torres Strait Islander flag mean?

What does Torres Strait Islander flag mean?

The flag was created as a symbol of unity and identity for Torres Strait Islander peoples. The star is an important symbol for navigating the sea. The points of the star represent the five island groups in the Torres Strait and the white symbolises peace.

What do the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags mean?

The Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag were designed in the 1970s and 1990s respectively and are proudly displayed around Australia today. The black symbolises Aboriginal people. The yellow represents the sun, the constant re-newer of life. Red depicts the earth and peoples’ relationship to the land.

Why is it called Torres Strait?

Torres Strait is named after a Spanish captain, Torres, who sailed through Torres Strait in 1606 on his way to Manila in the Philippines. Although he wrote a letter to the King of Spain describing his voyage, it seems this was kept a secret from mapmakers until 1762 when the archives at Manila were opened to others.

Are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders the same?

Torres Strait Islanders are of Melanesian origin with their own distinct identity, history and cultural traditions. Many Torres Strait Islanders live on mainland Australia. The term ‘Indigenous’ is used to refer to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What is Torres Strait Islander culture?

Torres Strait Islanders have a distinct culture which varies slightly within each island or community. We are a sea-faring people, and engaged in trade with people of Papua New Guinea. The culture is complex, with some Australian elements, Papuan elements and Austronesian elements (also seen in the languages spoken).

What race are Torres Strait Islanders?

The Torres Strait Islander peoples are of Melanesian descent, as are the people of Papua New Guinea, with whom they share similar cultural traits and customs. The Torres Strait Islander peoples have lived on the islands for thousands of years.

What is the difference between an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander?

In brief: Aboriginal Australians are indigenous to mainland Australia and Tasmania who are nomadic. Torres Strait Islanders are minority groups indigenous to Torres Strait Islands who are traders, seafarers and agriculturists.

What is the difference between a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal?