How do I install an older version of Pages?

How do I install an older version of Pages?

Do one of the following:

  1. Edit the current version: Click the thumbnail on the left, make your changes, then click Done.
  2. Restore a previous version: Click Restore below its thumbnail.
  3. Save a copy of a previous version as a new document: Hold down the Option key on the keyboard, then click Restore a Copy.

How do I get old Pages on my Mac?

Go to the purchased tab in App Store . The applications are listed at the top of the purchased list. Upon selecting install , you will be prompted if you want to install the last supported version for your OS release.

How do I view older versions of Pages?

Viewing Previous Versions of a Page

  1. In Course Navigation, click Pages.
  2. Click the “View All Pages” button.
  3. Click the name of the page for which you want to see previous versions.
  4. Click the Options icon.
  5. Click “View Page History”.
  6. Click the date and time of the prior version you want to view.

Can I download Pages for High Sierra?

1 from the Mac App Store to download to a Mac running High Sierra. It means what it says. If you ever had Pages installed on your Mac, launch the Mac App Store, sign-in with your Apple ID, and then press the option key while clicking on the Purchases tab. Pages will appear with either an install or update button.

Can you install older versions of apps on iPad?

If you are running an iOS version older than iOS 11, go to Purchased at the bottom of the App Store. If you are in iOS 11, go to App Store and tap the circle face on the upper right corner of the page to find My Purchase. Tap ‘Yes’ to install an old version of the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How do I download Apple Pages?

Click the “App Store” icon on the dock, then click the “Purchased” icon in the window that appears. Click the “Install” button in the Pages listing to reinstall Apple Pages on your computer.

How do I recover deleted Pages?


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Recycle Bin.
  2. Go to the Pages tab.
  3. Restore one or more pages. To restore a single page, hover over the page to restore, and click/tap the Restore icon for that item. To restore multiple pages, check the boxes for the items to restore, and click/tap the Restore button.
  4. Confirm.

Why can’t I view version history in Word?

Go to File > History. Note: If you don’t see History on your navigation pane it’s possible that you actually have a subscription version of Office. Select the Info button on the navigation pane and see if you can access Version History there.

What is latest version of Pages for Mac?

New in Pages 11.0 for Mac Updated media browser offers enhanced search options and new content categories such as Recents, Portraits, and Live Photos. Add phone number links to table cells, text objects, and shapes. Use AppleScript to change a document password or open password-protected documents.

Does keynote work on High Sierra?

The latest versions of Keynote require macOS Mojave or newer, so upgrading your OS might be an option. But I thought that older versions could still be downloaded from the App Store. I’m pretty sure that I can still do that on my old iMac that is stuck on High Sierra. No, it doesn’t work for macOS Sierra.